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Kaleidoscope: News of TRN Members

October 2006


Midwest Transportation Knowledge Network (MTKN) Annual Meeting

News from the Transportation Research Board

Nordic News

Transportation Division Professional Achievement Award

Northwestern’s Transportation Library and OCLC

VDOT Research Library Hosts OCLC Interlibrary Loans Workshop

Transportation Association of Canada Library’s 50th anniversary

A New Resource for Using Engineering Literature

Transportation Library Connectivity Pooled Fund Study Annual Meeting

Membership News:
New Members
In Memoriam - Jeffrey Hume
Welcome Back Carol Paszamant


Midwest Transportation Knowledge Network (MTKN) Annual Meeting
by Janet Bix, Chair MTKN

MTKN logoThe 6th Annual Meeting of the Midwest Transportation Knowledge Network (MTKN) will take place at Northwestern University’s Norris Center in Evanston, Illinois October 12th and 13th. Highlights will include a tour of the Transportation Library with presentations and discussions on the library’s digitization projects including 19th century railroad maps and the transportation-related menu collection. A demonstration of the Kirtas scanner will be included. The group will hear a presentation from the Infrastructure Technology Institute on Thursday afternoon, and an update about NCHRP Project 20-5, topic 37-02, “Preservation & Use of Institutional Memory” will be presented by member Hank Zaletel. The annual business meeting will take place Friday, October 13th. Joyce Koeneman, Digital Librarian and Head of Technical Services at the National Transportation Library will teleconference with the group to provide information on RITA’s (Research & Innovative Technology Administration) goals for the NTL and updates on TLCat. Christi Powers, Pooled Fund Administrator, will present the latest from the Library Connectivity Pooled Fund. Several members will provide updates on their current projects. Friday afternoon the group will hold committee elections, and plan for the coming year. Meeting arrangements were made by Kay Geary, librarian at the Transportation Library. MTKN is a regional network of transportation libraries in Region 3 of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) plus South Dakota.

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News from the Transportation Research Board

The NCHRP Project 20-75 Implementing Transportation Knowledge Networks (the project to develop a business plan to implement Special Report 284) has posted an RFP on TRB’s Web site - http://www4.trb.org/trb/crp.nsf/All+Projects/NCHRP+20-75. Proposals are due the middle of November and the panel will meet in December to select a contractor.

The Panel for NCHRP Project 20-75 met in mid-September to write the RFP. Members of the panel include: Leni Oman (Chair) Janet Bix, Jennifer Bolding, Timothy Klein, David Lankes, Glenn Roberts, Lynn Siemers, and Sue Sillick. Nelda Bravo, Mark Norman, and Barbara Post are liaisons. Chris Hedges is the staff officer.

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Nordic News

Sirpa Hapapamaki from the Finnish Road Administration (Finnra) Library reports in with some Nordic news. She writes that the Nordic-Baltic Transportation Libraries Group (formerly known as the Nordic-Baltic Library Circle), is alive and well, despite some changes in membership. The group has achieved a more official status as they entered into a contract ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ with both the Nordic Road Association and the Baltic Road Association. They now have the responsibility to market their publications and seminars, and to report on their activities at the Nord-Balt Board meetings every second year. Sirpa has been nominated to serve as the group’s chair until the next big event which is Via Nordica in 2008.

Recently, Sirpa returned from Saaremaa, the biggest island in Estonia where the 26th Baltic Road Conference took place. There were 550 delegates in attendance, and the N-B Transportation Libraries hosted a very popular exhibit stand. Here are some photographs from the exhibit. Sirpa can be reached at: Sirpa.Haapamaki@tiehallinto.fi.

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Transportation Division Professional Achievement Award, Call for Nominations
by Kay Geary, Public Services Librarian, Transportation Library, Northwestern University

Since 1982, the Transportation Division of the Special Libraries Association has been awarding the Professional Achievement Award to a past or present member of the Division on the basis of outstanding contributions or service to the Transportation Division. This contribution or service may take the form of contributions to library and transportation literature or bibliography, to the work and effectiveness of the Special Libraries Association and the Transportation Division, or to the transportation field through organizational work or publications. The Award is not made posthumously. The purpose of the Award is to honor those who have rendered distinguished service or have made a significant contribution to transportation libraries and librarianship.

Nominations must be received by January 1, 2007.
The nomination form is posted on the Division web site at http://www.library.northwestern.edu/transportation/slatran/td_award.html.

Presentation of the Award will be made at the Annual Business Meeting of the Transportation Division. The Executive Board of the Division is the judging committee for this Award.

Previous winners of the TD Professional Achievement Award include:

2006 – Sandy Tucker, Engineering & Applied Sciences Librarian, Texas A & M University
2005 – Jerry Baldwin, Library Director, Mn/DOT Library
2002 – Jeanne Thomas, Head, Michigan Department. of Transportation Information Services Center
2001 – Judy Gutshall, Senior Librarian, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Knowledge Center
1987 – Michael Kleiber, Head Librarian, Institute of Transportation Studies Library, University of California, Berkeley
1985 – Mary Roy, Head Librarian, Transportation Library, Northwestern University
1983 – Helene Dechief, Head Librarian, Canadian National Railways
1982 – Beverly Hickok, Head Librarian, Institute of Transportation Studies Library,
University of California, Berkeley

If anyone can add any further information so that we could have a more complete list of awardees, please respond to TRANLIB.

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Northwestern’s Transportation Library and OCLC
by Paul R. Burley, Technical Services Librarian, Northwestern University Transportation Library

The Northwestern University Transportation Library is pleased to announce the results of our participation in a Northwestern University-wide OCLC program for matching holdings. Holdings for ca. 40,000 records were added and ca. 19,000 records were uploaded, adding ca. 60,000 Transportation Library titles held in OCLC. As a refinement of the project, a subset of minimal-record levels will be removed from the load. This project is a further step for the Transportation Library to add the holdings of our entire collection to OCLC.

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VDOT Research Library Hosts OCLC Interlibrary Loans Workshop
by Ben Wilkins, Library Assistant, VDOT Research Library

OCLC's Kathleen Kie at VDOT LibraryOn August 15-16, OCLC representative Kathleen Kie led a training session exploring OCLC’s WorldCat Resource Sharing (aka, Interlibrary Loan) software at the Virginia Transportation Research Council, in Charlottesville, Virginia. The training, provided for free by OCLC and hosted by the VDOT Research Library, covered many different aspects of OCLC Resource Sharing in detail, from basic functions like searching and displaying holdings, to policy settings, and even some of OCLC’s new ILL innovations.

Participants came from independent and state-sponsored libraries throughout Virginia, including VDOT, the FHWA Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center, the Transportation Research Board Library, and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.

According to Kie, workshops like this one help further OCLC’s mission to increase the availability and access of information by ensuring that library staffs are fully utilizing the capabilities of OCLC services. When a library belongs to a sharing network, its patrons can more readily find the information they want regardless of “where it lives,” Kie said, adding that such workshops provide a great way for OCLC representatives to interact and get feedback from users to help refine their tools and services. “I welcome the opportunity to work directly with librarians and library staffs,” Kie said. “There are insights that can only be gotten through spending time in a classroom setting with librarians and library staffs that use our services regularly.”

In preparation for the workshop, the VDOT Research Library configured a wireless Internet classroom and assembled 10 laptops, allowing each participant to practice in a hands-on environment. After reviewing basic elements of resource sharing, Kie split participants into two “libraries” so that one could borrow from the other, using the OCLC lending system in real time. The second day of training continued much like the first, though the focus moved to more advanced features of the software. Participants practiced searching, borrowing, and lending from their imaginary libraries, and were able to change policies, ILL form constant data, and practice with administrative and usage statistics modules.

Jennifer Boteler, managing librarian at Turner-Fairbank, said she thought the workshop was successful. “The training allowed me to explore features that I knew existed, but had never taken the time to learn and implement,” she said. “Implementing these features will save time in processing interlibrary borrowing and loan requests. The trainer's responses to these questions added to my knowledge of FirstSearch and will make my searches more effective,” said Boteler.

Boteler estimates that as much as 90 percent of the items she acquires for researchers at her institution are borrowed from other libraries using OCLC resource sharing. Most of the additional 10% of items her library does not have on its shelves are identified using WorldCat, and often borrowed by contacting the owning libraries directly if they do not participate in OCLC ILL. With WorldCat Resource Sharing, the same Web-based interface is used to make requests and fulfill them on the loans side, and to search for holdings of OCLC participating lenders and non-lenders.

In addition to the standard training activities, the sessions offered participants the opportunity to ask questions about the operability of the FirstSearch platform, and WorldCat in general. Overall, participants said they felt it was a great opportunity to learn. For only the cost of travel they were able to deeply expand their knowledge of the resources that OCLC provides. The better libraries are able to use the tools at their disposal the better they will continue to provide for their mission of furthering information access to their patrons. Those libraries who participated in the workshop at VTRC were able to do just that.

For more information on WorldCat Resource Sharing, including online tutorials go to: http://www.oclc.org/support/documentation/resourcesharing/default.htm.

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Transportation Association of Canada Library’s 50th anniversary

The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Library celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Follow the link below to the Fall 2006 issue of TAC News for an overview of the library’s history and services:


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A New Resource for Using Engineering Literature

Bonnie OsifUsing the Engineering Literature is a new reference book just published by Routledge. Edited by the Transportation Division's Bonnie Osif, it covers most facets of engineering and is intended for librarians or engineers who are working in a field that is new or unfamiliar to them.

The hefty, 614-page book is arranged into 20 chapters. Of particular interest to division members will be those on Transportation Engineering and Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering.

Bonnie, Engineering Reference and Instruction Librarian at the Pennsylvania State University, recruited the chapter authors, provided direction and morale support, edited the final work and managed to pull everything together, including a terrific index.

Among Bonnie’s recruits for this project was Rita Evans, now director of the Institute of Transportation Studies Library at the University of California, Berkeley. “I was surprised – and flattered – that Bonnie asked me to tackle the chapter on transportation engineering since I was fairly new to the discipline. But Bonnie was incredibly supportive and encouraging, and I can’t thank her enough for getting me involved in this project.

“What a terrific opportunity to delve into classic and new resources – manuals, standards, databases, core journals and websites.” said Rita, “and it’s something I’ll use when I’m doing research that touches on other aspects of engineering.”

Both web and print resources are described in Using the Engineering Literature. Each description for transportation engineering resources includes a detailed annotation of its scope and content in addition to bibliographic information.

The many chapter authors are members of science and technology divisions of the Special Libraries Associations. Thomas Conkling, Head of the Engineering Library at Penn State and a member of the Engineering Division, wrote the chapter on aeronautical and aerospace engineering.

In addition to transportation and aviation, Using the Engineering Literature covers general engineering resources, agricultural and food engineering, architectural engineering, bioengineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, engineering education, environmental engineering, history of engineering, industrial and manufacturing engineering, materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, mining engineering, nuclear engineering, and petroleum engineering and refining.

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Transportation Library Connectivity Pooled Fund Study Annual Meeting
by Maggie Sacco, Technical Services Librarian/Principal Investigator

The Transportation Library Connectivity Pooled Fund Study held its second annual meeting in St. Paul , Minnesota , September 19th-21 st with a total of 18 people in attendance and 14 Web conference participants. The two-year federally funded project is a group of 10 member states comprised of academic and transportation libraries that have formed a network to organize and improve access to transportation research and information services.

Since its first meeting in Kansas City a year ago, the study has accomplished a great deal in its first phase. Notably, all member libraries now have TLCat subscriptions allowing for several new or upgraded OCLC memberships. New marketing materials and continued outreach activities have helped to form a foundation for a national transportation knowledge network (NTKN).

The three-day program featured a visit from Tim Klein, senior policy analyst from U.S. DOT’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration (R.I.T.A.). Tim spoke about the agency’s strategic plan, Strategic Research, Development, and Technology Plan 2006 – 2010, and outlined how DOT libraries can keep the national perspective while managing transportation information, research, library and knowledge resources. Bob Johns, director of the Center for Transportation Studies (CTS) at the University of Minnesota , presented a national outlook on the library landscape urging participants to synthesize, specialize and mobilize. He also spoke of the upcoming CEO Leadership Forum to be held at the University of Minnesota. Other notable programs included a presentation by Andy Bush of OCLC on their Collection Analysis tool and CONTENTdm, a tour of the Minnesota DOT library, and open forums on forming regional transportation knowledge networks and the challenges of digitizing.

We welcomed a surprise guest, SLA Transportation Chair-elect Mathew Barrett, from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. It was great to have Matt’s perspective and learn about the innovative activities at his library. Technical Advisory Committee members decided to invite Web participants to the annual meeting. Virtual attendees logged on via WebEx provided by our lead state, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Each of the five open sessions reached capacity with participants from Alaska, Arizona, Washington, Virginia, Massachusetts, Maine, Idaho and Missouri, to name a few.

The Transportation Library Connectivity Pooled Fund Study is a grassroots effort by transportation libraries to jointly develop capabilities and expertise to serve the transportation community. Our goals are to provide technical library services to participating states and develop marketing tools and outreach initiatives to promote the value of transportation libraries and information services. Building on the recommendations of a recent Transportation Research Board policy study, Special Report 284 Transportation Knowledge Networks: A Management Strategy for the 21st Century, the study is actively promoting the formation of transportation knowledge networks at the regional and national levels.

SLA Transportation division member, Maggie Sacco is the librarian for the Transportation Library Pooled Fund study. To learn more about the project you can also contact the project coordinator, Christi Powers, or visit the Web site at http://www.libraryconnectivity.org. For news & updates, stop by the blog at http://www.ctcandassociates.com/lpfblog.

You can contact Maggie at msacco@ctcandassociates.com. Christi can be reached at christiapowers@mchsi.com

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Membership News

New members of the Transportation Division

Lisa G. Autio
Montana Department of Transportation, Engineering & Research
2701 Prospect Ave ; Helena, MT 59604 USA

Stephen Cochran
Washington State Department of Transportation
Office of Research & Library Services
310 Maple Park Ave. SE
Olympia, WA 98504-7425 USA

Christine Glaad
1925 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20006 USA

Christine Scoggins Granquist
5750 28th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98105 USA

Jan M. Leinweber
Sait Poltechnic
1301 16th Ave NW
Calgary, AB T2M OL4 Canada

Julie Tashima
San Francisco Airport Museums
PO Box 8097
San Francisco International Airport
San Francisco, CA 94128 USA

Heidi M. Wood
Nevada Department of Transportation, Research
1263 S. Stewart St
Carson City, NV 89703 USA

In Memoriam

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Jeffrey Hume, husband of Shaun Moran, Library Manager at Transport Canada. Jeff lost his courageous battle with cancer on August 13, 2006. In addition to Shaun, he is survived by his children Kathleen and Matthew Hume. Our condolences and wishes for peace go out to Shaun and her family.

A Welcome Return

Carol Paszamant returned to work at the New Jersey Department of Transportation Research Library in August after an extended 17 month absence. In addition to her usual responsibilities, Carol will be working on improving the library’s website which is at: http://www.state.nj.us/transportation/refdata/library/.

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