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July 2006


Los Angeles Metro Library Marks 35 Years of Continuous Service

TL Cat Continues To Grow

Transportation Division Annual Business Meeting

Transportation Division Professional Achievement Award

Photos from the 2006 Annual Meeting

SWOV Newsletter

Bonnie Osif’s Recommendations for Internet Research

Dan Krummes Retires from Institute of Transportation Studies Library

Rita Evans Named Director of Institute of Transportation Studies Library

Roberto Sarmiento Profiled on the Web

Nelda Bravo Leaves the National Transportation Library

Jane Watson in Memoriam

Membership News:
New Members
Lisa Pogue to attend Drexel University


Los Angeles Metro Library Marks 35 Years of Continuous Service
by Matthew Barrett, Metro Transportation Library & Research Center

The Metro Research Center, Dorothy Peyton Gray Transportation Library, and Archive is a comprehensive and unique collection of regional, state, national and international transportation materials covering Metro, its predecessor agencies, public transportation planning, construction, operation and their related fields. The collection documents over 135 years of Los Angeles transportation history, as well as the latest transportation technology and transit planning research.

The current transportation library has been open continuously since 1971, but the transportation library actually has its beginnings much further back in time. Our predecessor companies Pacific Electric (1911-1953) and Los Angeles Railway (1911-1945) had corporate libraries for employees to use and the librarians regularly wrote columns in employee news magazines, Pacific Electric Magazine and Two Bells beginning in 1920. Although both libraries appear to have gone unstaffed during the economic ruin of the Great Depression, Los Angeles Railway reopened its library in July 1937 with the assistance of the Huntington Library in San Marino, and hired the Special Library Association's Southern California Chapter President, Emma Quigley, to reinvigorate the library's role. Emma Quigley worked with the American Public Transit Association and libraries across the country to ensure the timely availability of transportation research.

After 1945, when the Huntington Estate sold Los Angeles Railway to Los Angeles Transit Lines (another one of Metro's predecessors), the library was rarely mentioned in company records or employee news magazines until 1971, when it once again became staffed with librarians, opened to the public, and began working with OCLC to catalog its materials.

Besides participating in SLA, TRB, NTL and APTA, the library is also a participant in LA as Subject, a project of the Getty Research Institute and the University of Southern California that brings together less visible archives and collections that preserve historical materials related to the Los Angeles region.

The library's archive plays an important role in public awareness and library promotion campaigns. Whether honoring the first women and African Americans hired as streetcar and motorcoach operators, or examining LA's monorail plans of the 1950s, which Ray Bradbury imaginatively invokes every chance he gets, the archive is an important asset. Our separate archive catalog now contains more records than our library OPAC, and we're looking at OCLC's ContentDM product as a pathway to adding our archive records to OCLC and TLCat. The ability to add our archive records to TLCat would more than double our current holdings and greatly improve access to our collections.

In light of Los Angeles' turbulent transportation history and the urban mythology that surrounds it, I continue to be amazed that the library's collection has survived throughout and continues to grow in size and use.

Matthew Barrett, LA Metro Library Fiscal Year 2006 Stats:
Print Circulation = 2,100
Document Downloads = 57,000
Web Visits = 251,000
Emails sent to subscribers = 59,000
In Person Visits to the Library = 30,000
% newly acquired materials cataloged and shelved within 5 days = 100%
% of research and reference questions answered within 48 hours = 100%
% of Metro Board adopted policies summarized and published on line within 30 days = 100%
2006 Budget for books, serials, services, supplies, and travel: $181,000
2006 Total budget (including labor, benefits and allocated costs): $529,000


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TL Cat Continues To Grow
by Jerry Baldwin, Minnesota Department of Transportation Library

The union catalog of transportation libraries, initiated by the National Transportation Library and the Midwest Transportation Knowledge Network, continues to attract new participants. It now includes the records of 17 libraries serving state DOTs and a number of federal agency and university transportation center libraries. The total number of resources currently listed in TL Cat is 513,927 with 157,340 or 31% of those resources listed in only a single library participating in WorldCat. Participants can be divided into two groups – those libraries whose catalog records are included in TL Cat, contributors; and those who subscribe with OCLC for full access, as opposed to guest access, to TL Cat, subscribers. Several subscriber libraries, including PennDOT and Tennessee DOT are working toward adding their records to TL Cat. Listed below are current participants, along with their OCLC codes.


California DOT, Transportation Library – CDT Connecticut DOT, ConnDOT Library and Information Center, RHT
*Illinois DOT, Technical Reference Library, IZA
Iowa DOT, Library, UIG
Kansas DOT, Library, KSDOT
Michigan DOT, Information Services, EEV
Minnesota DOT, Mn/DOT Library, MDT
Missouri DOT, Library, MODOT
Montana DOT, Research Library, DMY
Nebraska Department of Roads Library, NC6
New York DOT Library, NY2
Ohio DOT, Library, OHDOT
Oregon DOT, ODOT Library, OTT
South Dakota DOT, DOT Library, SDDOT
State Transportation Library, Massachusetts, TLB
Virginia Transportation Research Council, Library, TDG
Washington State DOT, Library, WDT
Wisconsin DOT, Library, WOY
Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Dorothy Peyton Gray Transportation Library, CRD
Northwestern University, Transportation Library, JCR
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Schuyler Otis Bland Library, VYM
University of California, Berkeley, Institute of Transportation Studies, Harmer E. Davis Transportation Library, CBT
University of Michigan, Transportation Research Institute, Library, U2T
Transportation Research Board, TRB Library, TPO
Federal Aviation Administration, William J. Hughes Technical Center, Reference and Research Library, FAA
Federal Aviation Administration, Mike Monroney Aeronautical Library, OUR
Federal Aviation Administration, Civil Aerospace Medical Institute Library, OUT
Federal Highway Administration, Research Library, FHATR
U.S. DOT, John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, Library, TRS

* Currently inactive


Pennsylvania DOT, PennDOT Library & Research Center, P3T
Tennessee DOT, Library, TNTDT
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Technical Information Services, NHTSA
National Transportation Library, NATTR
University of Minnesota, Center for Transportation Studies, MNU [Note: collection cataloged under MDT]
University of Wisconsin, Midwest Regional University Transportation Center, WIRUT

All participants, as part of their TL Cat subscription, also have access to TransCat Plus, a similar union catalog of Canadian transportation libraries.

TransCat Plus Contributors:

Canadian Transportation Agency Library, CNCTA
Transportation Development Centre Library, CNTDC
Transportation Association of Canada Library, T$C
Transport Canada Library, T8N
Transportation Safety Board of Canada Library, T8B

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Transportation Division Annual Business Meeting

June 12, 2006, 12:00-1:00, Baltimore, MD

The meeting was convened by Chair Bob Sweet

The minutes of the previous meeting were not read.

Treasurer’s Report: Lisa Pogue reported that the Division had a total income of $3,408.16 in the past year and total expenses of $704.64. Account balances total $15,898.27.

Membership Report: Lynn Webb reported that membership had declined by nine from last year. She suggested several ideas to increase membership, including having regional membership chairs, opening up the GTRIC (Government Transportation Research Information Committee) session in the morning to introduce the Division to prospective members.

Mike Kleiber moved and Matthew Barrett seconded a motion to develop a special project to celebrate the 65 th anniversary of the Division. Motion was approved. Mike Kleiber will chair a special projects committee.

Bob Sweet will spearhead an effort to reach out to sponsors and revitalize the fund-raising committee. Roberto Sarmiento will assist.

Nominating Committee Report: Nelda Bravo reported that the Nominating Committee’s slate of officers for 2007 as follows: Matthew Barrett, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority as Chair; Connie Field, Portland Cement Association as Chair Elect; Lisa Pogue, American Public Works Association as Treasurer; and Seyem Deus Petrites, University of California, Berkeley as Secretary. Sandy Tucker moved and Barbara Post seconded a motion to accept the slate of officers, motion was approved.

Professional Achievement Award: The award was presented to Sandy Tucker.

Report from Chair Elect Matthew Barrett: The program for the 2007 conference will include a session on hybrid vehicles. Matthew also wants input from members on the program and creation of a Division blog.

Acknowledgement of Nelda Bravo: The Chair acknowledged former director of the National Transportation Library, Nelda Bravo, for her accomplishments in that role and her years of service to the Division.

Sponsors: The chair acknowledged sponsors for 2006 Division events: ASCE for the reception and Dialog for the conference session.

Special Activities: These included the strengthening of international ties through collaborative virtual projects, which will be discussed at the international session at the conference. Roger Garren is working on updating the Sources of Information in Transportation and is currently updating the sources that volunteers have submitted.

The meeting adjourned at 1 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Lisa Pogue.

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Transportation Division Professional Achievement Award

Since 1982, the Transportation Division of SLA has offered on occasion the Professional Achievement Award. It is up to the executive board to determine whether or not to present the award in any given year. The purpose of the award is to honor those who have rendered distinguished service or have made a significant contribution to transportation libraries and librarianship.

This year, during the SLA Annual Conference at the division's annual business meeting, the award was presented to Sandy Tucker. Sandy, who for many years was the research librarian for the Texas Transportation Institute, has distinguished herself at TTI and in her service to many committees in SLA and the Transportation Research Board.

The quality and effectiveness of her work behind the scenes has served to elevate the role of and respect for transportation librarians. She has helped lay the groundwork for recent TRB policy studies on transportation information--studies that have gotten the attention of policy makers beyond the realm of librarianship.

She has been a role model for librarianship, team building, planning skill, and diplomacy and has always been willing to mentor those who are new to transportation librarianship.

Sandy recently began a position as associate professor and engineering and applied sciences librarian at Texas A & M's Sterling C. Evans Library.

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SWOV Newsletter

The SWOV Library, a component of the SWOV Institute for Road Research, serves as the national center for road safety literature in the Netherlands. Mrs. C. Dennis van den Braak, Senior Librarian and Literature Information Specialist, would like to remind the Transportation Division that the SWOV Newsletter is available by subscription. Send an email message to info@swov.nl and include “Please subscribe me to the SWOV newsletter” in the subject line.

This monthly newsletter features information such as news, press releases, new publications, acquisitions, and additions to databases, etc. Questions may be directed to c.d.van.den.braak@swov.nl, or visit the library’s website at: http://www.swov.nl/UK/Research/bibliotheek/bibliotheek.htm.

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Bonnie Osif's Recommendations for Internet Research

Bonnie Osif, Engineering Reference and Instruction Librarian at Pennsylvania State University’s Engineering Library, has recently authored “Fast Lanes on the Transportation Information Highway.” Don’t miss this highly informative article in which Bonnie offers expert advice on how to use the web for transportation research. The article covers pertinent topics such as search engines and search tips, the invisible web, web portals, indexes and abstracts, library resources, and monitoring misinformation. You can read the article in the March-April 2006 issue of TR News, or access it on the Internet at http://onlinepubs.trb.org/onlinepubs/trnews/trnews243infohighway.pdf.

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Dan Krummes Retires from Institute of Transportation Studies Library
by Rita Evans, Institute of Transportation Studies Library, University of California, Berkeley

After a long and distinguished career, Dan Krummes will be retiring at the end of June. Dan has served as Director of the Harmer E. Davis Transportation Library at the University of California, Berkeley’s Institute of Transportation Studies since 1998.

A member of the Special Libraries Association for more than 25 years, Dan has been active in the Transportation Division. He served as division chair in 1991-1992 and has chaired numerous committees, including several stints on the Nominating Committee. He edited the fourth edition of the division’s publication Sources of Information in Transportation and also edited the division’s bulletin for four years.

On the association level, he was a member of SLA’s 1998 Annual Conference Planning Committee. Locally, he served on the board of the San Francisco Bay Region Chapter from 1987-1989 and chaired the Program and Hospitality Committees in addition to serving on many other committees.

Dan recently concluded two terms as Recording Secretary of the Transportation Research Board’s Library and Information Science for Transportation Committee.

Dan joined the Institute’s library in 1976. After serving as the Library's Chief Cataloger from 1981 onwards, he served as Library Co-Director from 1992 to 1997.

In 2005, Dan’s exceptional leadership of the Transportation Library was recognized when he was named “Distinguished University Librarian” by the Librarians Association of the University of California, Berkeley, the highest honor bestowed by the University upon campus librarians.

Dan’s keen interest in maritime history and anthropology has led to research and the publication of Cruel Seas : Merchant Shipping-Focused World War 2 Nautical Fiction, 1939 to 2006: an Annotated Bibliography of English Language Short Stories, Novels & Novellas. He’s also published numerous articles and a book on ship china, with particular emphasis on ships that traveled the Great Lakes.

Dan will be spending the summer and fall in Port Huron on Lake Huron before returning to the Bay Area and turning his attention to volunteer work, including spending time with Hopalong Animal Rescue. And he won’t be a stranger to libraries as he’ll be continuing to do research.

Please join us in wishing Dan a happy and healthy retirement!

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Rita Evans Named Director of Institute of Transportation Studies Library
by Dan Krummes, Institute of Transportation Studies Library, University of California, Berkeley

I’m very pleased to announce that veteran Bay Area librarian Rita Evans will succeed me as Director of the UC Berkeley’s Institute of Transportation Studies Library on July 1, 2006.

Rita has been a professional librarian since 1978, working first in the Pittsburgh area before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1985. Much of her experience has been in the corporate setting, including a 13 year stint at Dolby Laboratories in San Francisco. Rita has been at UC Berkeley working as the Transportation Library’s reference librarian since Aug. 2001.

A long-time member of the Special Libraries Association, Rita has been particularly active in SLA’s San Francisco Bay Region Chapter. Over the years she has worked on and chaired numerous Chapter committees, served as editor for the Chapter’s Bayline newsletter and served as Chapter President. In 2005 Rita received the Chapter’s Professional Achievement award for notable and enduring contributions to the Chapter and profession.

Rita has also recently been active in the Transportation Division where she served as Secretary/Treasurer (2003-2005) and Secretary (2005-2006). Additionally, Rita recently completed a chapter entitled “Transportation Engineering” for fellow Transportation Division member Bonnie Osif’s upcoming Taylor & Francis title, Using the Engineering Literature.

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Roberto Sarmiento Profiled on the Web

Robert Sarmiento, Director of the Transportation Library at Northwestern University, was recently featured in the April 2006 issue of the Illinois Library Association Reporter. The article profiles Roberto, along with two other special librarians, offering readers an opportunity to learn about the professional background and experiences of each librarian, as well as providing a look at the challenges and opportunities they face in their respective work environments.

The article can be accessed at: http://www.ila.org/pub/reporter/vol24no2.pdf.

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Nelda Bravo Leaves the National Transportation Library

Nelda Bravo has left her position as Head of the National Transportation Library to become the Senior Program Manager at Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center. In this capacity, Nelda will provide leadership in the development and implementation of a national highway research agenda for the Federal Highway Administration’s Research and Technology (R&T) program. She will serve as an FHWA representative to outside organizations, including AASHTO, TRB, State DOTs, and congressional staff. Within the FHWA, Nelda will serve as an advisor to the R&T Leadership Team for issues related to R&T, providing expert advice and necessary policy, budget, and analytic support. In addition, Nelda will coordinate R&D programs and activities with RITA, thus enabling her to maintain her contacts with the NTL. We have been reassured that Nelda will remain loyal to the Transportation Division.

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Jane Watson in Memoriam
by Nelda Bravo, formerly of the National Transportation Library

Our valued and diligent colleague in the National Transportation Library, Jane Watson, lost her 10-month battle with pancreatic cancer on March 12, 2006. She was 44 years old. Always optimistic, upbeat and helpful, Jane continued to telework for us until her last week. Her passing is a true loss for the National Transportation Library.

Jane is survived by her husband of more than 20 years, Michael Watson. Our condolences go out to Michael, her family, and to all those who knew this remarkable woman.

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Membership News

New members of the Transportation Division

Ms. Jennifer L. Boteler
FHWA Turner Fairbanks Hwy Res Ctr
Technical Reference Center
6300 Georgetown Pike A200
McLean, VA 22101

Mr. Chester S. Bunnell
St. Louis University
Pius XII Memorial Library
3650 Lindell Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63108-3302

Ms. Ellen Dewkett
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Hunt Memorial Library
600 S Clyde Morris Blvd
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114-3900

Mr. Daniel S. Dotson
Ohio State University
Science & Engineering Library
175 West 18th Ave Rm 490B
Columbus, OH 43210

Ms. Danielle E. Pollock
Missouri Dept of Transportation Library
1617 Missouri Blvd
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Ms. Gretl D. Rasmussen
7th Floor
440 Park Avenue
New York, NYk 10016

Ms. Maggie Sacco
CTC & Associates LLC
1054 Pleasant View Rd #205
Middleton, WI 53562

Ms. Gale K. Smith
Virginia Transportation Research Council
530 Edgemont Rd.
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Ms. Andrea Thalemann
Cambridge University
Faculty of Music
Wolfson College
Cambridge, CB3 9BB
United Kingdom

Ms. Lois Travis
University of Illinois
Illinois Newspaper Projects
1408 West Gregory Dr
220 Main Library
Urbana, IL 61801

Lisa Pogue to attend Drexel University

Congratulations to Lisa Haakon Pogue, Director of Technology Transfer at the American Public Works Association. She was recently accepted into the Master of Science Degree Program in Library & Information Science at Drexel University . Lisa, an active member of the Transportation Division, also manages the FHWA Local and Tribal Technical Assistance Program (LTAP and TTAP) Clearinghouse at www.ltapt2.org. Among her responsibilities, she handles strategic planning, copyright clearance, and maintains a website containing resources on local and tribal transportation training, information materials, and subject matter expertise. Lisa is also serving a second term as the Division Treasurer.

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