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"GET HIP" and begin a new chapter in the history of the Transportation Division of SLA. It is official! The Division has dropped its association with Sci-Tech News. The November 2004 issue will be the last issue in which news from the Division will appear. Now, it is up to the members of the Division to send news items for publication on this web site. I hope that a news letter can be issued, during my reign as Chair, on the 22nd in the months of October, December, February, and April. If you have items/news you wish to have included, please send it to the Bulletin/TD-ENews Editor, Seyem Petrites at spetrite@library.berkely.edu by the 18th of the month in which it will be published. I would especially like to run some articles about your libraries, so toot your own horn and send the information to Seyem. Also, remember to send items about yourself: marriages, change of jobs, births, appointments to special committees, etc. to Lynne Webb, Membership Chair, lwebb@gw.dot.state.ny.us.

Conference planning is underway. I am making some changes for the Division to hopefully entice more members to attend both the business meeting and GTRIC. GTRIC is open to anyone to attend and this year it is considered a roundtable meeting. There will be the usual reports from TRB and NTL and we will hear more about the TLCat, but we want to hear from every library about what is happening in your library and how are your sharing resources. Networking will be a very big part of the discussion at GTRIC. I don’t have the costs figure yet, but hopefully I can announce that in my next news release.

Our business meeting will be on Monday from 11:30 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. Since I would like to see a larger attendance, I have booked it as a “Brown Bagger” business meeting. Thus, if you want to pick up some lunch and bring it along, you are more than welcome. I won’t actually call the meeting to order until noon. There is a General Session from 9 to 11 before our meeting and a no conflict time from 1:30 to 3 after the meeting. So I felt everyone could grab some lunch and bring it to the meeting or eat after the meeting.

We will have a no-host dinner on Sunday evening. I will announce details in a future newsletter.

There will be an Open House this year. Our hostess for the evening will be a Toronto member, Jennifer Osther, from the IBI Group. I look forward to meeting Jennifer. More about this in the next news letter.