picture Acquiring Highway Transportation Information from Abroad: Handbook
FHWA International Technology Scanning Program

Publication No. FHWA-PL-95-011 (B)
November 1994

Chapter 5. International Highway and Transportation Associations, Organizations, and Professional Societies

Contact or membership in international associations and professional societies can provide a source for obtaining foreign information about completed research studies and journal articles, research-in-progress abstracts or factsheets, expert and consultant directories, calendars of conference events, plus past and upcoming standards and regulations. Many of these associations and societies have libraries with staff to assist in acquiring information. A search in DIALOG's Encyclopedia of Associations (Gale Research Inc., Detroit, Ml) database (through DIALOG) revealed several international associations and societies, including:

Plate 6 provides a full description of these associations and societies. Many of them provide information services and have documents and reports that support their goals.

Other international and domestic professional societies and trade organizations are included in Plate 7 .

Plate 6. International Highway and Transportation Associations

2340 Des Plaines Avenue, Suite 106
Des Plaines, IL 60018
(708) 390-8927

Physicians and other professionals concerned with motor vehicle safety, design, and road engineering. Works to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities on the highways by encouraging research on the effects of diseases, disabilities, and environmental factors on driver capabilities. Supports laws and regulations to upgrade the standards for licensing drivers; research and development programs leading to improved bioengineering of motor vehicles. Encourages the use of appropriate protective devices and disseminates new information in the field of traffic, vehicular, and pedestrian safety. Individual members conduct research programs. Gives official awards and commendations to other individuals and societies for meritorious work in prevention of motor vehicle trauma.

20 Queensberry Place
London, SW7 2DR, ENGLAND
(71) 8239093

Engineers and technicians in highway and traffic engineering and transportation; students. Promotes professionalism among members. Conducts educational and training programs; offers certification testing. Bestows awards.

525 School Street SW, Suite 410
Washington DC 20024-2797
(202) 554-8050

Enables engineers and other professionals with knowledge and competence in transportation and traffic engineering to contribute individually and collectively toward meeting human needs for mobility and safety. Promotes professional development of members by the support and encouragement of education, stimulation of research, development of public awareness, exchange of professional information, and maintenance of a central point of reference and action. Maintains library and 50 sections; offers transportation training series and guidance information.

Federation Internationale de l'Automobile
8, Place de la Concorde, F-75008, Paris, FRANCE
(1) 42659951

Aims to develop and organize motor touring in all countries; assist motorists with dayto-day traffic problems; organize, promote, and regulate world motor sports; study traffic, touring, and technical problems related to the motor vehicle; protect the interests of motor vehicle users. Acts as intermediary between motorists and international institutions. Participates in international governmental meetings and in the drafting of important conventions and agreements; maintains consultative status with the United Nations and the Council of Europe. Endeavors to provide motorists at home and abroad with information and assistance. Works to protect the environment and national heritage and to open up new touring areas. Deals with matters of highway legislation, road and vehicle safety, motorists in society, clean air standards, fuel economy, technical progress in car design, and simplification of customs formalities.

P.O. Box 1070
Sklyland, NC 28776
(704) 684-1989

Businesses licensed to engage in the pavement grooving and grinding contracting business; manufacturers and suppliers of parts for the industry. Serves highway, airport, and commercial authorities by supplying information, data, and advice on the safety-grooving process and the long-range economy of grinding new pavement to meet required surface tolerances. Makes presentations at technical functions.

P.O. Box 63
Franklin Square, NY 11010
(516) 485-0050

Engineers, planners, nonprofessionals, and professionals concerned with transportation safety. Objectives are to advance and improve safety in all modes of public transportation, and to reduce fatalities and injuries resulting from the operation of transport modes. Conducts seminars and safety field audits. Compiles accident and hazard statistics; conducts specialized education program. Maintains library of 100 volumes.

525 School Street, SW
Washington DC 20024
(202) 554-2106

Road associations and automotive, oil, rubber, and construction firms in 70 countries. Encourages the development and improvement of highways and highway transportation. Sponsors fellowship programs for graduate engineers.

Association Internationale Permanents des Congres de la Route (AIPCR)
27, rue Guenegaud, F-75006, Paris, FRANCE
(1) 46337190

National governments, regional authorities, public bodies, astuteness, commercial organizations, and individuals concerned with roads and road traffic. Fosters the construction, improvement, maintenance, use, and economic development of roads; encourages the growth of road systems throughout the world. Facilitates discussion of questions and research concerning roads and road traffic; collects and disseminates statistical and general information. Encourages improvement and standardization of methods of administration, finance, design, construction, and maintenance of roads and engineering structures; international unification of highway traffic codes; research on roads, road traffic, and engineering structures.

400 Commonwealth Drive
Warrendale, PA 15096-0001
(412) 776-4841

Engineers and scientists in the field of self-propelled land, sea, air, and space vehicles: engineering students are enrolled in special affiliation. Advances the arts, sciences standards, and engineering practices related to the design, construction, and use of self-propelled mechanisms, prime movers, components thereof, and related equipment built to preserve and improve the quality of life. Local groups serve as forums for presentation of papers and discussion of technical problems and engineering standards. Through Coordinating Research Council, cooperates with American Petroleum Institute in research on use of fuels and lubricants for automotive apparatus. Presents awards and sponsors memorial lectures. Conducts research program.

2101 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20418
(202) 334-2934

A unit of the National Research Council. Encourages research and provides a national clearinghouse and correlation service for research activities and information on transportation technology. Studies all factors pertinent to the understanding, devising, and functioning of transportation systems and their interrelationships with other aspects of society. Is concerned with the planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and safety of transportation systems and their components; the economics, financing, and administration of the systems; the interactions of these systems with the physical, economic, legal, and social environment they are designed to serve. Soonsors workshops and seminars. Maintains 17,000 volume library.

Plate 7. Other Professional Societies and Trade Organizations

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