picture Acquiring Highway Transportation Information from Abroad: Handbook
FHWA International Technology Scanning Program

Publication No. FHWA-PL-95-011 (B)
November 1994

Chapter 3. Highway Transportation Specific Online and CD-ROM Databases

Highway transportation engineers and researchers can use several databases when conducting information and literature search on specific highway transportation topics. The most commonly used databases include TRIS (Transportation Research Board); NTIS (U.S. Department of Commerce); COMPENDEX (Engineering information, Inc.); PSYCHINFO (American Psychological Association); ERIC (U.S. Department of Education); Thomas Register Online (Thomas Publishing Company); Standards and Specifications (National Standards Association); IHS International Standards and Specifications (Information handling Services); Newsearch (Information Access Company); and, Trade and Industry (Information Access Company). Other subject databases are also commonly used to provide information on standards and patents, dissertations, news and other current event topics, product and company information. Many of these databases purportedly have international coverage. Plate 3 describes the most common databases (online and CD-ROM) used by highway engineers, researchers, and consultants. Other transportation databases are also included.

Plate 3: Databases with Highway Transportation Information Coverage (Domestic and International)


Updates: Daily
Data Type: Full text
Provider: American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
(AASHTO), Washington DC. USA (202) 624-5800

Database covers AASHTO-related information, E-mail communications between AASHTO members, AASHTO journals and regulations, AASHTO calendar of events, AASHTO committee listings, publications list and ordering information, interactive forums, news bulletins related to AASHTO Van, tutorial. This service is provided by AMVANET and runs on the IBM ADVANTIS wide-area network. TRB is attempting to add on-going state-funded research to its TRIS database through the AASHTO RAC Research in Progress files, AASHTO VAN is providing online connections between states to provide direct access to TRIS. Connection to TRIS is still under development.


Coverage: August 1971 to the present
Updates: Weekly
Data Type: Bibliographic, Complete-text
Provider: UMI, Ann Arbor, Ml, USA

ABI/INFORM is one of the oldest and largest electronic sources of business information, contains more than 500,000 citations. These citations provide complete bibliographic information, indexing, informative abstracts, and selected full-text articles from more than 1,000 business journals. More than half of those sources are indexed cover-to-cover and offer online full text. More than 350 are international journals that provide business news and analyses from around the world. A few of the thousands of business subjects you can search in AB/INFORM include company news, and analysis, market conditions and strategies, employee management and compensation, international trade and investment, management styles and corporate cultures, and economic conditions and forecasts. (Available through DIALOG and others.)


Coverage: 10/82 to the present
Updated: Daily (File 195); Monthly (File 194)
Data Type: Complete-text, Directory
Provider: Commerce Business Daily, U.S. Department of Commerce, Chicago, IL USA

Commerce Business Daily is the complete-text equivalent of the print Commerce Business Daily, which is issued every weekday to announce products and services wanted or offered by the U.S. government. File 195 is updated daily; all announcements are searchable on the day before they appear in the print publication. The following federal procurement information is included in the file: all proposed procurement of $25,000 or more by civil agencies and military agencies, including potential research interests; all contract awards of $25,000 or more for the benefit of potential subcontractor; non-U.S. government procurement; surplus U.S. government property sales; non-U.S. government standards that may affect U.S. exports; special notices; and occasional announcements of business-related events, such as procurement conferences and symposia. (Available through DIALOG.)


Coverage: 1970 to the present Updates: Weekly
Data Type: Bibliographic
Provider: Engineering Information Inc. (Ei), Castle Point on the Hudson, Hoboken. NJ, 07030, USA, (800) 221-1044, (201) 216-8532 (FAX)

The Ei Compendex * Plus database is the machine-readable version of The Engineering Index (monthly/annual), which provides abstracted information from the world's significant literature of engineering and technology. Ei Compendex*Plus provides worldwide coverage of approximately 4,500 journals and selected government reports and books. Subjects covered include civil, energy, environmental, geological, and biological engineering, electrical, automotive, nuclear, and aerospace engineering; and computers, robotics, and industrial robots. (Available through DIALOG, ESA-IRS, and others.)


Coverage: 1971 to present
Updates: Monthly
Data Type: Bibliographic
Providers: CIS, a Reed Reference Publishing Company, Bethesda, MD. USA

Enviroline provides indexing and abstracting coverage of more than 5,000 international primary and secondary source publications reporting on all aspects of the environment. Included are such fields as management, technology, planning, law, political science, economics, geology, biology, and chemistry as they relate to environmental issues. Literature covered include periodicals, government documents, industry reports, proceedings of meetings, newspaper articles, films, and monographs. (Available through DIALOG and others.)


Coverage: March 1977 to present
Updates: Weekly
Data Type: Full text
Provider: National Standards Association, Gaithersburg, MD, USA

provides comprehensive coverage of federal regulatory agency actions as published in the Federal Register. Federal regulations, proposed rules, and legal notices issued by federal agencies. References to meetings and hearing notices, public laws, rules taking effect each day. Presidential proclamations, executive orders, and presidential determinations. (Available through DIALOG.}


Coverage: Current (see below) Updates: Monthly
Data Type: Bibliographic
Provider: National Technical information Service (NTIS), 5285 Port Royal, Springfield, VA, 22161, USA, (703) 487-4780

The Federal Research In Progress (FEDRIP) database provides access to information about ongoing federally funded research projects in the fields of physical sciences, engineering, and life sciences; research information is provided to NTIS by the sponsoring U.S. government agencies. All records in the database include title, principal investigator, performing organization, and sponsoring organization. Most records also include a description of the research, although the exact record content varies according to the sponsoring agency. (Available through DIALOG.)


Coverage: Current
Updates: Weekly for MILSPECS; every 2 months
Data Type: Bibliographic
Provider: Information Handling Services, Englewood, CO, USA

The IHS International Standards and Specifications database contains references to industry standards and military and federal specifications and standards covering all aspects of engineering and related disciplines. The file includes 90% of the world's most referenced standards from over 70 domestic, foreign, and international standardizing bodies. Also included is the world's largest commercially available collection of unclassified active and historical U.S. military and federal specifications and standards. (Available through DIALOG and others.)


Coverage: 1972 to present
Updates: ESA/IRS monthly, CD-ROM twice per year Data Type: Bibliographic
Provider: OECD Road Transport Research Program, 2 rue Andre-pascal, 75775 Paris Cadex 16, France, tel. (33-1) 4524-92, (33-1) 4524-79 60 (FAX)

Road construction and road transport: traffic and transport; road-safety - accidents; vehicles - design safety, inspection, maintenance, impact on environment; roads, pavements, bridges, tunnels; materials; soil; administration and economics forecasting and financing. There are a total of 200,000 citations (80% publications, 20% research projects). Sources of data include: journals, books, conferences, proceedings, theses, research in progress, statistical communications and information on standards and specifications. (Available through ESA-IRS.)


Coverage: Approximately 1973 to date Updates: Continuous
Data Type: Bibliographic
Provider: Institute of Transportation Engineers, 525 School Street, SW, Suite 410, Washington, DC 20024. (202) 554-8050. (202) 863-5485 (FAX)

Covers traffic engineering, transportation planning, traffic operations, control and design, traffic control devices, funding policy, legislation, and more. There are a total of 4,000 citations. The ITE Urban traffic Engineering Clearinghouse is not online. Users must call the Technical Project Manager to have a free listing faxed immediately. The electronic bulletin board has a lot of information, but online searches cannot be conducted.


Coverage: 1959 to March 1970, 1973 to the present
Updates: Weekly
Data Type: Bibliographic
Provider: Information Access Company, Foster City, CA, USA

Magazine Index covers more than 500 popular magazines and provides extensive coverage of current affairs, the performing arts, business sports, recreation and travel, consumer product evaluations, science and technology, leisure-time activities, and other areas. In addition to its extensive indexing, Magazine Index contains the full text (displayable but not searchable) of records from more than 100 magazines. (Available through DIALOG and others.)


Coverage: Current month only
Updates: Daily
Data Type: Bibliographic
Provider: Information Access Company, Foster City, CA, USA

Newsearch is a daily index of more than 2,000 news stories, articles, and book reviews from over 1,700 of the most important newspapers, magazines, and periodicals. In addition to these publications, Newsearch includes the Area Business Databank (ABD), which contains indexing and abstracts from over 100 local and regional business publications, and the complete text of PR Newswire. Every working day the previous day's news stories are indexed and added to Newsearch. (Available through DIALOG and others.)


Coverage: 1964 to present
Updates: Every 2 weeks
Data Type: Bibliographic
Provider: National Technical Information Service (NTIS), U.S. Department of Commerce, 8001 Forbes Place #305, Springfield, VA, 22161, USA, (703) 487-4640, (703) 321-8199 (FAX)

The NTIS database provides access to the results of U.S. government-sponsored research, development, and engineering, plus analyses prepared by federal agencies, their contractors, or grantees. It is the means through which unclassified, publicly available, unlimited distribution reports are made available for sale from agencies such as NASA, DDC, DOE, HUD, DOT, Department of Commerce, and some 600 other agencies. In addition, some states and local government agencies now contribute their reports to the database.

NTIS also provides access to the results of government-sponsored research and development from countries outside the U.S. Organizations that currently contribute to the NTIS database include the Japan Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI); laboratories administered by the United Kingdom Department of Industry; the German Federal Ministry of Research and Technology (BMFT); the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS); and many more. (Available through DIALOG and ESA-IRS.)


Coverage: 1973 to present Updates: Quarterly
Data type: Bibliographic
Provider: U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Cincinnati. OH USA

Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSHTIC) is a product of the Technical Information Branch, a component of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. It includes citations to more than 2,000 journal titles, as well as over 7,000 monographs and technical reports. NIOSHTIC covers all aspects of occupational safety and health.


Coverage: 1940 to present Updates: Weekly
Data Type: Bibliographic
Provider: Institute of Transportation Studies Library, University of California, 412 McLaughlin Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720, USA, (510) 642-9168, (510) 642-9180 (FAX)

Covers IVHS; to include applications of advanced technologies to transportation. There are a total number of 5,300 citations. Sources include: journals, books, conference proceedings, research in progress. (Available only to PATH researchers. Otherwise contact IVHS American at (800) 37-lVHSA.)


Coverage: 1967 to present
Updates: Monthly
Data Type: Bibliographic
Provider: American Psychological Association, Washington D.C.. USA

The PsyclNFO database provides access to the international literature in psychology and related behavioral and social sciences, including psychiatry, sociology, anthropology, education, pharmacology, and linguistics. The following general fields are covered: applied psychology, communication systems, developmental psychology, educational psychology, experimental human and animal psychology, personality, physical and psychological disorders, physiological psychology and intervention, professional personnel and issues, psychometrics, social processes and issues, sports psychology and leisure, and treatment and prevention. (Available in DIALOG.)


Updates: Twice a year
Data Type: Bibliographic
Provider: AASHTO Research Advisory Committee, Dr. Robert J. Perry, New York State Department of Transportation, Engineering Research and Development Bureau, Building 7A, Room 600,1220 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY, 12232, USA, (518) 457-5826. (518) 457-7535 (FAX)

Covers all aspects of transportation planning and engineering, including highway, urban transit, railroads, air transport, waterways, pipeline transport. There are a total number of 1,450 citations at present. (Available through AASHTO.)


Coverage: Current editions
Updates: Semiannual reload
Data Type: Directory
Provider: Gale Research, Inc., Detroit, Ml, USA

Research Centers and Services Directory is a comprehensive source of detailed information on over 27,000 organizations conducting research worldwide. It corresponds to the print Research Centers Directory family of publications: Research Centers Directory, International Research Centers Directory, Government Research Directory, and Research Services Directory.

The Research Centers and Services Directory database provides addresses and descriptions of government, university, independent nonprofit, and commercial research and development centers; institutes, laboratories, bureaus, test facilities, experiment stations, research parks, foundations, and councils; and other organizations that support and conduct research worldwide. (Available through DIALOG. )


Coverage: 1984 to present Updates: Daily
Data Type: Bibliographic
Provider: National Center for Regional Mobility, Dr. Peggy grouse, George Mason University, Mail Stop 4A3, 4400 Universtiy Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030, USA, (703) 993- 1502, (703) 993- 1521 (FAX)

Covers FTA's database on-going research, calendar of events, grant information, newsletters, recent publications as well as comprehensive library of transit publications. There are a total number of 4,300 citations.Sources include journals, books, reports, conference proceedings, research in progress. Disk with updated RIS information produced every four months.


Coverage: 1963 to present
Updates: Irregular
Data Type: Bibliographic
Provider: Sociological Abstracts, Inc., San Diego, CA, USA

Sociological Abstracts covers the world's literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. Over 1, 600 journals and other serial publications are scanned each year to provide coverage of original research, reviews, discussions, monographic publications, panel discussions, case studies, conference papers, and dissertations. (Available throunh DIALOG and others.)


Coverage: Still in planning Data Type: Full Text
Provider: FHWA, Charlie Churilla or Margie Sheriff, Federal Highway Administration, Office of technology Application, 400 Seventh Street, SW (HTA-3), Washington, DC, 20590, USA

Is a computerized database being developed by FHWA to aid SHRP product implementation by state highway agencies and facilitate communications of this information among the various partners involved in the process. The Information Clearinghouse with its online capacity will provide information about SHRP products and implementation activities. Access will be gained through FHWA LAN, FTS 2000 WAN, AASHTO VAN, and possibly Internet. Needed communication software will be received at the first log-in session. (Will be available throunh AASHTO VAN.)


Coverage: Current
Updates: Quarterly
Data Type: Directory
Provider: Thomas Publishing Company, Inc., New York, NY, USA

Thomas Register Online corresponds to the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers, for over 80 years the premier source of product information for North American manufacturing companies. In addition, the online file lists the 44,000+ companies covered in the Thomas Food Industry Register, which has been the food industry's most comprehensive national buying and selling guide for over 93 years. The combined file covers over 180,000 U.S. and Canadian companies, both public and private, classified under more than 53,000 product classes and more than 115,000 brand names.

Each record includes company name, address (including county and region), and telephone number, SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes, and products and services provided. Trade names (with descriptions) are available for many companies. More than 100,000 records include fax numbers, and many records list telex and cable addresses, asset rating or annual sales, number of employees, exporter status, names of parent or subsidiary companies, description of business, recent name change information, and information on markets and customers served. Where applicable, ADI (Area of Dominant Influence) and MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) classifications are also included. (Available throunh DIALOG and others.)


Coverage: 1981 to present
Updates: Weekly
Data Type: Bibliographic
Provider: Information Access Company, Foster City, CA, USA

Business journals relating to trade, industry, and commerce are indexed and selectively abstracted in Trade & Industry Index~. This database provides, in a single source, current and comprehensive coverage of major trade journals and industry-related periodicals representing all Standard Industrial Classifications. Trade & Industry Index provides indexing and selective abstracting of over 300 trade and industry journals, as well as comprehensive but selective coverage of business and trade information from nearly 1,200 additional publications. Trade & Industry Index contains the complete text (displayable, but not searchable) of records from more than 200 of the covered journals. (Available through DIALOG and others.)


Coverage: 1972 to present Updates: 12 months
DataType: Bibliographic
Provider: Conference Eurpoeanne, des Ministeres des Transports, Paulette Coquand, 2 rue Andre Pascal, 75116 Paris Cadex 16. France. tel. (33-1) 4524-82-00; FAX (331) 4524-97-42, telex 645740

Covers Transportation Economics -- policy planning and rail technology from European countries and selected information on USA and Canada. There are a total number of 40,000 citations. Includes journals, books, reports, conference proceedings, theses, research in progress. (Available through ESA-IRS.)


Planned Access Date: Early 1995 Updates: Twice a year
Data Type: Bibliographic (multilingual), English, French, German, Spanish
Provider: Transportation Research Board (TRB), Road transport Research program of the Organization for Economic Development (OECD), and the European Conference of Ministeries of Transport (ECMT).

TRANSPORT will be a CD-ROM product. It will be a bibliographic database of transportation research information by integrating the three existing databases: TRB's TRIS, OECD's IRRD, and ECMT'S TRANSDOC into one product: TRANSPORT. The components of TRANSPORT are: TRIS, IRRD, and TRANSDOC. TRIS includes bibliographic citations and abstracts of research information on all surface transportation modes, air transport, and highway safety. IRRD contains information provided by OECD member countries on highway research. TRSNDOC contains abstracts of transportation economics literature as well as bibliographic records provided by the International Union of Railways. TRANSPORT will be available on Silver Platter Information Retrieval Software (SPIRS) (Compact Disc CD-ROM format). SPIRS is available for MS_DOC Macintosh and Windows environment. (Available through ESA-IRS.)


Coverage: 1968 to present Updates: Monthly
Data Type: Bibliographic
Provider: U.S. Department of Transportation and Transportation Research Board NAS/NRC, 2101 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington D.C., 20418, USA, tel.. (202) 334-2995, FAX (202) 334-3495

TRIS provides transportation research information on air, highway, rail, and maritime transport; mass transit; and other transportation modes. Subjects included are regulations and legislation, energy, environmental and maintenance technology, operations, traffic control, and communications. The database records can be either abstracts of documents and data holdings or resumes of research papers. International coverage is included. (Available throuch DIALOG.)


Coverage: Varies by category Updates: Daily
Data Type: Bibliographic and Full Text
Provider: West publishing Corporation, Chris Dordell, 620 Opperman Drive, Eagan, MN. 55123. USA. tel. (612) 687-7000. FAX (612) 687-7302

Covers U.S. Transportation Law, Federal Case Law, Federal Statutes and Regulations, West's Legal Directory - transportation, texts and Periodicals, Law Reviews, text and Bar Journals. There are a total number of 175,000 cases added per year (all subject areas) to the database. Transportation case opinions from the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Court of Appeals, U.S. District Courts, Federal Statutes and Regulations, Federal Administrative Law. (Available through Westlaw.)

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