picture Acquiring Highway Transportation Information from Abroad: Handbook
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Publication No. FHWA-PL-95-011 (B)
November 1994

Chapter 9. Selected Internet Transportation-Related Discussion Lists

There are also several networks on Internet that provide information on contacts and discussions through electronic mail. Plate 13 provides a list of selected Internet Transportationrelated Discussion Lists.

Internet is a worldwide computer network of networks. It includes governmental, educational, and commercial users and vendors. Internet allows access to worldwide information sources, including libraries, universities, governments, private corporations, and user groups. Internet services include e-mail, newsfeeds, Telnet, and File transfer protocol. E-mail allows users access to highly varied sources, including PC users on MCI Mail and CompuServe. A Telnet connection allows a user to log into a remotely located computer where the user has an account.

Plate 13. Selected Internet Transportation Related Discussion Lists

Internet Interest Group on Transportation (transp-1@gmu.edu)
To subscribe:

To post something on the list, send message to transp-1@gmu.edu and it will be distributed to all list subscribers. Contributions pertaining to transportation and traffic engineering are strongly encouraged. Articles can be on new technologies, interesting projects, research, upcoming conferences; etc. Also welcome are questions and comments about the profession.

Making contacts with other transportation engineers/planners is very important. Hopefully, this discussion list will assist students, faculty, and professionals alike, make some of those contacts. If you have any administrative questions about TRANSP-L, they can be sent to the editor, Jonathan Gifford (jgifford@gmu.edu).

UTSG (Universities Transport Study Group) Electronic Mailing List

This mailbase list has been set up by the Universities transport Studies Group (UTSG) in order to provide an electronic discussion forum and information resource for researchers in the field of transport, primarily in the academic community. It aims to facilitate information sharing, (e.g., news of workshops, seminars, conferences, and new research) and to promote links, collaborative working, joint problemsolving, and mutual support. The mailbase is operated by the Institute for transport Studies, University of Leeds, LS2 9JT, United Kingdom.

DOT Internet Discussion Group

This group consists of public organizations who are a part of the transportation industry. City/county road commissions, state/provincial DOTs. Federal agencies, etc. are encouraged to participate in this discussion group. This is not restricted to any discipline, and includes both rank and file and management. As this group grows, creating subsets for particular areas of interest will be considered. Also, private consulting firms who work within the transportation industry and vendors who provide hardware/software solutions for the same are welcome to participate in this group.


Infrastructure Technology Institute Discussion List (ITI-L)

ITI-L serves as a discussion list for the research associations of the Infrastructure Technology Institute at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. It is a forum for the discussion and exchange of information regarding infrastructure issues from both within and outside the University community. The Institute was established at Northwestern in 1991 with funds resulting from Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA) legislation. The Institute's purpose is to develop a research program to combat the nation's crumbling infrastructure problem using the resources of the University, namely the Department's of Civil, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science; the Basic Industrial Research Laboratory (BIRL); the Center for Quality Engineering and Failure Prevention (CQEFP); the Center for Non-Destructive testing; the NSF Center for Advanced Cement-Based materials (ACBM); and other departments and centers on campus. Currently funded projects include fiber-reinforced soil cement or recycled aggregate for pavement base course, automated pavement repair vehicle (APRV), improved bridge condition monitoring, surface-tolerant bridge coatings, weldable high performance steels, stray-current corrosion of electrified rail systems, and non-destructive evaluation (NDE) for concrete bridge decks. To send a message to all other members of ITI-L, address message to:


Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Please return them to Renée McHenry, ITI-L list manager at the address below:

Renée McHenry
Infrastructure Technology Institute Librarian
Seeley G. Mudd Library for Science and Engineering
2233 North Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60202-3530 USA
tel. (847) 467-4637, FAX (847) 491-4655
E-mail: rmchenry@nwu.edu

Engineering-Concrete List

This list is intended for those with an interest in concrete research and the use of concrete as a structural material. There is no restriction on the subject matter of messages (other than that it should be related to concrete, of course). I am Andy Vann, a lecturer at Bristol Universtiy in the Civil Engineering Department. At present I am the list "owner" which means I have control over it. Having said this, the list is currently completely open, which means anyone can join and contribute to it. If there is anything you want to address to me (rather than the list) you can e-mail me at A.M.Vann@bristol.ac.uk

National Engineering Information Initiative (NEII)

The goal of the National Engineering Information Initiative (NEII@CNI>ORG} Forum is to support communication among persons engaged in a collaborative effort to increase engineering productivity through enhanced access to and use of engineering information and data. Initially, the electronic NEII Forum (operated as a unix-listserv) will link participants from a June 1992 Conference for Exploration of a National Engineering Information Service, sponsored by the Engineering Foundation and the Council on Library Resources (90 people). it is expected to expand to include other interested persons. The NEII Forum provides a way for participants to keep each other informed about multiple efforts underway to:

  1. encourage development and experimentation with models and prototypes that enhance access to enaineerina information and data;
  2. encourage course work in undergraduate engineering education to assure that new engineers are skilled in the use of emerging electronic information support systems;
  3. pursue engineering professional information needs assessments;
  4. keep abreast of other developments or pilot experiments to improve access to STI in general; and
  5. maintain an active network of resources and people concerned with development of a distributed national engineering information service.

The NEII Forum is a joint project of the Association of Research Libraries and the Library of Congress. The Forum unix-listserv platform is being provided by the ARL-EDUCOM-CAUSE Coalition for Networked Information. All questions regarding subscribing to the forum, difficulties with mail or requests for technical assistance should be sent to the ARL/Coalition Systems Coordinator, Craig A. Summerhill (craig.@cni.org). The NEII Forum Moderator is Bill Ellis, Associate Librarian for Science and technology, Library of Congress (well@seq1.loc.gov). Bill has agreed to take responsibility for regular monitoring of the communications in the Forum. he will be assisted by Virginia Sorkin, Information Technology Services, Library of Congress. Bill and other volunteers from the conference will take active roles in facilitating and encouraging use of the Forum for the goal and purposes as outlined (1).

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