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Special Library Association’s Division of Pharmaceutical and Health Technology Travel Awards
to Spring or Annual Meeting

The Pharmaceutical and Health Technology Division (P&HT) of the Special Library Association (SLA) plans to give away up to three travel awards of $1,500 each to serve as a financial support for a student enrolled in a library science program or current members of the P&HT Division to attend SLA’s Annual Conference

This award is targeted towards students enrolled in library science with an interest in practicing as information professionals in the pharmaceutical or health technology industries, as well as for any non-student P&HT Division members.

Qualified applicants must submit a project.

Beginning in 2011, PHTD also sponsored the European Division Travel Award.

Travel Award Winner
June Avala (USA)
Christopher Cooper (EUR)
James Schroeder
Stuart Sugarbread, Mary White


The DPHT Travel Award, or Student Travel award, is a stipend given yearly to a library science student or member of the Pharmaceutical and Health Technology (P&HT) Division who would like to attend the Special Libraries Association (SLA) Annual Conference and/or the PHTD Spring Meeting. Up to three P&HT travel award stipends will be awarded each year, based on the quality if a project submitted to the Division. Full details are available.


STUDENTS must have provisional acceptance or be matriculating in an ALA-accredited Graduate School of Library or Information Science by a January of the year of application. Students must be members of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) when applying for the award. DPHT MEMBERS must be a member of the Division in good standing. ALL applicants must complete and submit a project from the following list (as of January 2007):

  • Write and submit an online resource evaluation or Design and produce a web page (with two linked pages) addressing a topic or subject matter related to the pharmaceutical or health technology industries
  • Write and submit an essay that addresses current issues or trends impacting the pharmaceutical or health technology industries
  • Open project: Applicants should design and submit any “creative” project, provided that the project addresses a topic/issue that is relevant to both the pharmaceutical or health technology industry and the information sciences field.

2009 P&HT Student Travel Award Winners

The Awards committee thanks all the people who submitted projects for the 2009 Travel Award. Winners of the 2009 Travel Award to Washington DC are Nathaniel King and Caitlin Sticco.

Nathaniel King

Nathaniel is an MSLS candidate at the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His project was a resource guide for pharmacy resources.

Caitlin Sticco

'[Sticco paper]'

Caitlin is a SLIS student at the University of Wisconsin – Madison specializing in medical informatics. Her project was a review of ItRunsInMyFamily, a family history online service.

2008 P&HT Student Travel Award Winners 

The Awards committee thanks all the people who submitted projects for the 2008 Travel Award. Winners of the 2008 Travel Award to Seattle are Jen Ferguson and Natalie Clairoux.

Jen Ferguson

'Gel, a Digital Library of Molecular Biology Lab Techniques'

Jen Ferguson holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in biology. She has worked in molecular biology for over a decade in both instructional and research capacities. She is currently employed at Wellesley College outside Boston, where she is conducting research into the yeast cell cycle. Jen will complete her transition from scientist to information scientist this summer, when she will receive an M.S.L.I.S. and a certificate of advanced study in digital libraries from Syracuse University. She looks forward to putting her scientific background and LIS skills to work in her first professional library and information science position. Jen invites you to visit her website at and can be contacted at

Natalie Clairoux

'The corporate library: a collaborative space for innovation'

Natalie Clairoux holds a B.Sc. from McGill University and a M.Sc. from Université Laval, both in Microbiology & Immunology. She was a research assistant in molecular microbiology laoratories from 1992 to 2006 at various academic institutions. Her scientific work experience includes the development of PCR diagnostic assays, DNA cloning and sequencing, writing of patents and scientific articles, and protein profiling by SELDI-TOF mass spectrometry. Natalie recetly graduated from the École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l'information at Université de Montréal with a M.S.I. degree. Her goal is to become a medical librarian specialized in bioinformatics. Her email address is

2007 P&HT Student Travel Award Winners

The Awards committee thanks all the people who submitted projects for the 2007 Travel Award. Winner of the 2007 Travel Award to Denver is Ari Kleiman.

Ari Kleiman

'Marketing Plan for a Small Pharmaceutical Company'

Ari Kleiman holds an M.L.I.S and a B.A. in foreign language and literature, and has earned 33 undergraduate units in biology and chemistry. His pharmaceutical work experience spans eight years and two small pharmaceutical companies. In his seven years at Axys Pharmaceuticals/Celera Genomics, Ari served as a generalist working in almost every facet of the library, including: managing the website; building and managing databases and an online catalog; document delivery; research in multiple subject areas; and training both end-users and staff. Ari is a recent graduate of the School of Library and Information Sciences at San Jose State University, where his main focus was on the management of special libraries. At the same time, he continues to have a very strong interest in technical matters, research, and working as a customer interface. Ari is currently seeking his first professional position since receiving his M.L.I.S. Ari's personal website can be accessed at Ari’s email address is

2006 P&HT Student Travel Award Winners

The Division awarded travel stipends to two individuals to attend SLA's annual conference in Balitimore.

Alexander Feng

'Corporate Librarian 2.0: New Core Competencies'

Kyle Nicholls

'The Basics of Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Competitive Intelligence'

2005 P&HT Student Travel Award Winners

The Division awarded travel stipends to three students to attend SLA's annual conference in Toronto. Winners were chosen based upon the submission of a project. The award winners and their projects were:

Tanisha Foster, University of California, Los Angeles
'Response to California’s Stem Cell Initiative: The Impact of Proposition 71
is Felt Across the Country'

Abby Heath, University of Kentucky, Lexington
'Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in the Pharmaceutical Industry'

Peggy Shin, University of California, Los Angeles
'Electronic Health Records: The Benefits of/Barriers to EHR and
Implications for Health Librarianship' (Word or PDF version)

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