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Education Libraries

Education Libraries (ISSN 0148-1061) is an electronic, refereed journal of the Education Division of the Special Libraries Association (SLA). It provides a forum for new and challenging ideas in the education field as well as in the field of library and information science education. It also deals with the new technologies as they affect the library profession and their changing role in the library and information curriculum. Education Libraries is indexed in ERIC, EBSCOhost's Education Collection, Education Full-Text, and Library Literature. Instructions for contributors are available.

Education Libraries is published semiannually in PDF format. All back issues available in PDF format are linked below.

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Jacqueline Snider

Volume 35, No. 1-2, Summer-Winter 2012

  • Information Anxiety and African-American Students in a Graduate Education Program By Patricia Fields Katopol
  • Beyond a Fad: Why Video Games Should Be Part of 21st Century Libraries By Kym Buchanan and Angela M. Vanden Elzen
  • Information Literacy Skills for Preservice Teachers: Do they transfer to K-12 classrooms? By Marcia Stockham and Heather Collins
  • Information Literacy Outreach: Building a High School Program at California State University Northridge By Coleen Meyers Martin, Eric P. Garcia, and Marc McPhee
  • From Pedagogical Museum to Instructional Material Center: Education Libraries at Teacher Training Institutions, 1890s to 1970s By Ramirose Attebury and Michael Kroth
  • Resources on the Net by Chris Bober
  • Book Reviews
    Digital Education: Opportunities for Social Collaboration
    Curriculum Materials Collections and Centers: Legacies from the Past, Visions of the Future
    The Literacy Gaps: Bridge-Building Strategies for English Language Learners and Standard English Learners

Volume 34, No. 2, Winter 2011:
Information Literacy in the Workplace

  • Guest Editorial: By Hema Ramachandran and Erin Lanham
  • Information Literacy and the Workforce: A Review By Sharon Weiner
  • 21st Century Workforce Initiatives: A New Wave of Educational Reform Movements By Laura L. Leavitt
  • From the Classroom to the Boardroom: The Impact of Information Literacy Instruction on Workplace Research Skills By Tiffini Travis
  • Resources on the Net by Chris Bober
  • Book Reviews
    The Critical Assessment of Research: Traditional and New Methods of Evaluation
    The Expert Library: Sustaining, Staffing, and Advancing the Academic Library in the 21st Century
    Embedded Librarians: Moving Beyond One-Shot Instruction

Volume 34, No. 1, Summer 2011:

  • Editorial: Wearing Many Hats By Jacqueline Snider
  • Dissertation 101: A Research and Writing Intervention for Education Graduate Students By Anne Switzer and Sherry Wynn Perdue
  • The Role of Multicultural Information in Experiential Learning By Lan Shen
  • Selecting Diverse Resources of Native American Perspective for the Curriculum Center: Children's Literature, Leveled Readers, and Social Studies Curriculum By Nadean Meyer
  • Identifying Information Behavior in Information Search and Retrieval Through Learning Activities Using an E-learning Platform Case: Interamerican School of Library and Information Science at the University of Antioquia (Medellín-Colombia) By Alejandro Uribe Tirado and Wilson Castaño Muñoz
  • Book Reviews

Volume 33, No. 2, Winter 2010:

  • Editorial: Remembering Cybèle Werts By Jacqueline Snider
  • Embedded Librarianship is a Winning Proposition By Warren N. Jacobs
  • The Curriculum Material Center?s Vital Link to Play and Learning: What's the Connection? By Amrita Madray and Amy Catalano
  • Censorship or Selection? Academic Library Holdings of the Top Ten Most Challenged Books of 2007 By Rickey Best
  • Activities and Strategies for the Inclusion of a K-12 Educational Component in Digitization Grant Projects of Academic Libraries By Linda Teel
  • Conserving for the Future by Archiving our Past; A Story about Technology and Digitization Informed by a Vintage Paperback Book Collection By Cybèle Werts
  • Software Review By Stephen Bollinger
  • Resources on the Net By Chris Bober
  • Book Reviews

Volume 33, No. 1, Spring 2010:
Beyond the Role of Guardians

  • A Collaborative approach to implementing 21st Century Skills in a High School Senio rResearch Class By Michael K. O?Sullivan and Kim B. Dallas
  • Using a Student-Generated Survey to Inform Planning For a User-focused Learning Commons By Sharon A. Weiner and John M. Weiner
  • Shhh! No talking about Retention in the Library! By Heidi Blackburn
  • Librarian as Professor: A Dynamic New Role Model By Martha Fallahay Loesch

Volume 32, No. 2, Winter 2009:
From the History to the Future of Librarianship

  • Education Library 2.0: The Establishment of a Dynamic Multi-Site Liaison Program By Ann Dutton Ewbank
  • Did You Call Me? Results of a Pilot Study to Investigate Perspectives from Future School Library Administrators about Appropriate Job Titles By Renee E. Franklin
  • Warning: Children in the Library! Welcoming Children and Families into the Academic Library By Kathryn Tvaruzka

Volume 32, No. 1, Summer 2009:
From the History to the Future of Librarianship

  • Editorial: Funny, You Don?t Look 100! by Jacqueline Snider, Co-Editor
  • A Century of Library Support for Teacher Education in Calgary, by Barbara Brydges
  • From Laboratory to Library: The History of Wayne State University?s Education Library, by Suzan A. Alteri
  • Featuring Historical Textbooks to Build Knowledge of University History, by Bette Rathe and Kay Lowell
  • The Test Collection at ETS: 34 Years and Still Growing, by Karen McQuillen
  • Two Profiles: The ETS Test Collection, by Pamela Rosen (1975/1976)
  • The Test Collection Database at Educational Testing Service, by Marilyn Halpern (1984)
  • Interview with Nancy Down Head Librarian at Bowling Green State University Popular Culture Library, Ohio, by Cybèle Elaine Werts

Volume 31, No. 2, Winter 2008:
21st Century Literacies

  • Editorial: Librarians in Disneyland, byJacqueline Snider
  • A Letter from our Business & Circulation Manager, Debbie Bogenschutz
  • Editorial (An Overall Approach): Information Literacy in Real Life and in Second Life, by Cybele Elaine Werts
  • Information Literacy for Teaching and Learning: A Course for Teacher Practitioners, by Sara Bushong and Colleen Buff
  • Transforming a Curriculum Center for the 21st Century at Eastern Washington University Libraries, by Julie Miller and Nadean Meyer
  • Photo Identity Crisis: Creating a Classification and Organization Method for Unidentified Photographic Archives, by Heidi Blackburn, Pam Bower, and Alysia Starkey
  • Interview with Tamara moats, Speaker on Visual Thinking and Use of Art Data, by Cybele Elaine Werts
  • Review of the Cuadra Star Application for Library Automation - Managing both Traditional and Electronic Library Collections, by Elizabeth J. Bollinger

Volume 31, No. 1, Summer 2008:
Children's Literature


  • Is "E" Really for Everybody? Picture Books for Older Readers in Public Libraries, by Mikki Smith
  • "You have Kids' Books?!" Promoting Children's Literature in an Academic Library, by Elaine Gass Hirsch
  • Making a Place for Bibliotherapy on the Shelves of a Curriculum Materials Center: The Case for Helping Pre-service Teachers use Developmental Bibliotherapy in the Classroom, by Amy Catalano
  • Understanding (Dis)abilities through Children's Literature, by Dr. Stephanie A. Kurtts and Karen W. Gavigan


  • An Online Course in Multicultural Materials for LIS Graduate Students at the University of South Florida, by Dr. Linda B. Alexander
  • Digital Literacy Practices Among Youth Populations: A Review of the Literature, by Barbara Blummer
  • Topical, Searchable, and Safe Internet-based Resources for Children and Youth, by Melanie Bacon, Leslie Blood, Marilyn Ault, and Doug Adams
  • Developing a Website Directory for Young People: A Case Study Using Graduate Students in Library and Information Science, by Enid Irwin and Ken Haycock

Volume 30, No. 2, Winter 2007:
Library Collaboration

  • The Critical Success Factors for School and Community (Joint Use) Libraries in New Zealand, by Vivienne Kaye Matthews and Philip Calvert
  • Online Discussion in a Hybrid Information Literacy Credit Course, by Warren Jacobs
  • Why IM Me? I’m Right Here!, by Sara Marcus

Volume 30, No. 1, Summer 2007:
Outreach to Minority Populations

  • Intercultural Leadership Toolkit for Librarians: Building Awareness to Effectively Serve Diverse Multicultural Populations, by Suzie Allard, Bharat Mehra, and M. Asim Qayyum
  • Building Bridges: Cultivating Partnerships between Libraries and Minority Student Services, by Emily Love
  • The Virtuous Circle: Increasing Diversity in LIS Faculties to Create More Inclusive Library Services and Outreach, by Paul Jaeger and Renee Franklin

Volume 29, No. 2, Winter 2006:
Catalog Instruction

  • Cataloging of Original Materials in the 21st Century: Frequency and Preparation Factors, by Daniel Fuller
  • E-learning, Goal-Setting, and Cataloging, by Jacqueline Snider

Volume 29, No. 1, Summer 2006:
Information Packaging

  • Integrating Academic Library Resources and Learning Management Systems: The Library Blackboard Site, by Susan S. Karplus
  • Web 2.0: Beyond the Concept; Practical Ways to Implement RSS, Podcasts, and Wikis By Karen Huffman

Volume 28, No. 2, Winter 2005:
Information Seeking and Supply

  • A revolution in Academic Publishing, by Charles Webber

Volume 28, no. 1, Summer 2005:

  • Credit Where Credit is Due: Considering Ethics, Ethos, and Process in Library Instruction on Attribution, by Benjamin Harris
  • Academic Librarians and Student Affairs Professionals: An Ethical Collaboration for Higher Education, by Laura Forrest

Volume 27, no. 2, Winter 2004:

  • The relationship between students' computer competency and perception of enjoyment and difficulty level in web-based distance learning, by Yunfei Du
  • Providing services for students with disabilities in an academic library, by Catherine J. Carter
  • Finding, saving, and relocating Dick, Jane, Alice, Jerry, Janet and John: Historical and archival collections in education, by Nancy O'Brien

Volume 27, no. 1, Summer 2004:
Visual Aspects of Education Libraries      

  • Visual literacy and library instruction: a critical analysis, by Nerissa Nelson
  • Transitioning from curriculum materials center to school library media center in pre-service teacher education, by Gail Dickinson and Edna Cogdell
  • The role of posters in teacher education programs, by Justina O. Osa and Linda R. Musser

Volume 26, no 2, Winter 2003:

  • Leadership of academic libraries: a literature review, by Sharon Gray Weiner
  • The dual nature of staffing in the education library: management issues and solutions, by Dr. Justina O. Osa.

Volume 26, no. 1, Summer 2003:
Standards and Accessibility    

  • Ejournals in education: just generating excitement or living up to the promise?  by Tirupalavanam G. Ganesh.
  • Professional competencies for the digital age: what library schools are doing to prepare special librarians, by Jana Varlejs

Volume 25, No. 2, Winter 2002:
Digital Resources and the Education Library

     Patricia O'Brien Libutti, guest editor

  • Issues in Electronic Resource Services in K-12 School Library Settings by Lesley S. J. Farmer
  • Developing Web-based Education Resources: Lessons Learned from Three Experiences by Jo Ann Carr
  • Building Blocks for Information Literacy by Judy Repman and Randall Carlson
  • OKSALE: Building a Culturally Responsive Virtual Library of Education Resources for a Tribal College by Loriene Roy and Aimee Akerman

Volume 25, No. 1, Summer 2001:
Anne Galler Memorial

     Suzanne Brown, guest editor

  • Education Libraries Under Anne Galler: A Thematic Overview by Scott Walter
  • Learning Across Generations and Cultures by JoAn Segal
  • Library Instruction is a Two-Way Street: Students Receiving Course Credit for Peer Teaching by Jana Ronan and Mimi Pappas

Volume 24, No. 2-3, 2000:
Distance Education

  • Investigating the Evaulation Procedures for a Distance Learning Undergraduate Degree in LIS by Susan D. Lithgow, Clare Thomas and Marianne Taylor
  • Distance Learning: Success Requires Support by Wendy Lowe and Richard Malinski

Volume 24, No. 1, 2000:
Prison Libraries

  • The Prison Library: A Vital Link to Education, Rehabilitation, and Recreation by Vibeke Lehmann
  • Prison Libraries Inside Out by Glen Singer
  • The Prison Library Viewed by Four Inmates
  • The Importance of Prison Libraries by Luis D. Medina
  • You Are Here: A Guided Tour of the Oshkosh Correctional Institution Prison Library by Randy Purifoy
  • How the Library Affects My Life in Prison by Mark Knudsen
  • Conduit for Restoration: The Prison Library by D. Jarvis London

Volume 23, No. 2-3, 1999:
Staff Development

  • The University of Virginia Library Staff Education and Development Program and Vision for the Library of Tomorrow by Betsy Anthony
  • The Staff Development Program at the University of Florida by M. Suzanne Brown and Trudi DiTrolio

Volume 23, No. 1, 1999:
Outreach Services

  • Online Deafness and Deaf Culture Information Resources by John Michael Day
  • The Virtual Library for Blind and Print Disabled Canadian Students by Rosemary Kavanagh
  • Librarians and Unions: Defining and Protecting Values by Deanna D. Wood

Volume 22, No. 3, 1998:
Specialized Collections

  • The Deaf Collection of the Gallaudet University Library by Thomas R. Harrington
  • Cooperation, Colaboration and Coordination: Education Libraries in Michigan by Katherine Colby, Shellie Jeffries, and Darlene P. Nichols

Volume 22, No. 1-2, 1998:
Research in Education

  • Special Collections for Education Research: Contributions to an Information Network by Gladys I. Dratch
  • Education Collections in Canadian Libraries by Marlene Lloyd
  • Educational Libraries in Europe Focusing on Germany and the European School Network by Dr. Diann Rusch-Feja

Volune 21, No. 3, 1997:
Conference 1997 Issue

  • The Statistical Information Function in the National Library of Education by Dr. Vance Grant
  • Educational Libraries -- An International Perspective by Anne Galler
  • JSTOR -- An Update on Content, by Sarah Sully
  • Copyright Issues in Creating Digital Archives by Laura Gasaway

Volume 21, No. 1-2, 1997:
Faculty-Librarian Partnerships

  • Faculty-Librarian Partnerships by Renee Nesbitt
  • Strengthening Teacher Preparedness Through a Library Program by John D'Amicantonio
  • Some Portrayals of Librarians in Fiction -- A Discussion

Volume 20, No. 3, 1996:
Electronic Publishing

  • Issues in Electronic Publishing by Charles Meadow
  • Web Journals and Education by Vivienne Monty

Volume 20, No. 1-2, 1996:
Conference Papers -- International Librarianship

  • International Librarianship and Its Impact on the Profession by Anne Galler
  • New Roles, New Skills: Library and Information Services to Disadvantaged Readers by Sue Lithgow
  • International Librarianship and Its Impact on the Profession by Diann Rusch-Feja
  • The National Library of Education by Nancy L. Floyd

Volume 19, No. 3, 1995:
The Virtual Library

  • The Changing Library Environment by Catherine E. Wilkins
  • Education for Librarianship: A Survey of the Literature, 1988-1995 by Rshelle S. Karp, with Tonya Allen

Volume 19, No. 2, 1995:
Future Technologies for Information Professionals

  • Training Information Professionals to Deal with New Technologies by Jamshid Beheshti
  • Future of Education for the Information Professions by Adele Fasick

Volume 19, No. 1, Spring 1995:
Intellectual Freedom and Censorship

  • Intellectual Freedom & Censorship: A Teaching Challenge
  • Web Browsers: Untanging the World Wide Web by Joan Latta Konecky and Carla Rosenquist-Buhler

Volume 18, No. 3, Winter 1995:
Conference Papers

  • Core Competencies for the Information Professional and the Evolution of Skill Sets by Stuart A. Sutton
  • ERIC in Cyberspace: Expanding Access and Services by Robert M. Stonehill and Lynn Smarte
  • Library Programs and Special Libraries by Ray M. Fry

Volume 18, No. 2, Fall 1994:
Perspectives on African School Libraries

  • Ex Africa Sempter Novi: School Libraries in Namibia -- Innovations, Problems, and Challenges by Andree-Jeanne Totemeyer
  • Educational Developments and the Role of the School Library and Teacher-Librarian in the Education of Blacks in South Africa by George H. Frederiks

Volume 18, No. 1, Spring 1994:
Keeping Up with Internet

  • Using the Internet as a Professional Development Tool: An Analysis by Vivienne Monty and P. Warren-Wenk
  • Keeping Up with the Internet by Jacqueline Dealy
  • The (Bene)fits of Compiling a Specialied Database by Anne Wade

Volume 17, No. 3, Fall/Winter 1993:
The New SAT

  • The New SAT: The Future of Transition Assessment by A. Steven Graff
  • Career Planning and the Special Librarian: A Selected Bibliography by Marlis Hubbard and Jennifer Tinline

Volume 17, No. 2, Summer 1993:
Pursuing Internet

  • The Internet as a Medium for Education and Educational Research by Marcos Silva and Glenn F. Cartwright
  • The Internet: A Selective Annotated Bibliography of Print Material

Volume 17, No. 1, Spring 1993:
Core Collections in Education Libraries
(First refereed issue)

  • Search and Rescue: Rebuilding a Test Collection, by Peggy Cooper Collins and J. Stephanie Weiner
  • Using OCLC to Create a CORE List of Educational Titles, by John D'Amicantonio and Janet Campbell

Volume 16, No. 3, Fall/Winter 1992:
Conference Papers 1992

  • Understanding Cultural Difference and School Learning, by John U. Ogbu
  • Where is the Knowledge? Knowledge Management, Research and Pedagogy in the Electronic Age, by Bernard R. Gifford

Volume 16, No. 2, Summer 1992:
Emphasis on Internet

  • An Introduction to Services Accessible on the Internet, by Marlene Giguère
  • The Review of the J.A. Turner Professional Library, Part II: The qualitative Component, by Catherine E. Wilkins

Volume 16, No. 1, Spring 1992:
Education Library Surveys--Are They Effective?

  • Services of the Central Education Library of the Peel Board of Education, Serving Graduates at Brock University and the Extension Campus of the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education: A Survey, by Catherine Williams
  • The Status of Education Libraries in Botanical Gardens Throughout the World: A Survey, by Pamela Pirio


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