1998 SLA Conference Theme

Leadership, Performance, Excellence:
Information Professionals in the Driver's Seat.

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Because the 89th annual conference is to be held in Indianapolis it seemed obvious that our committee would look at a theme which concerned racing or driving or a competition and ensuring that it is the information professionals who are setting the standard record in the information arena.

Leadership: The Vision Statement refers to SLA becoming known as the leading organization in the information industry; hence the leadership reference. In addition our President, Sylvia Piggott continually returns to a theme of librarians and information professionals as information leaders. Again a reference point for us concerning leadership.

Performance seemed to denote high performance to the committee in the way a race car is a high performance machine. We as information professionals need to demonstrate a high level of performance to our customers to continue to compete in this age of the Internet and the information superhighway. Our performance needs to add value to the information which is readily available and not well managed. But just as the racecar we must demonstrate a high level of committment and performance.

Excellence: Excellence is an overused word in the workplace, but one which the committee felt especially should be used when referring to the information professionals in SLA. Our members demonstrate on the job and in their conference programs that they believe in excellence and that is what they strive for in their positions. They are committed to this ideal.

If the SLA information professionals combine these three qualities there is no doubt that they will be in the premiere position the drivers seat into the next century. They should and will be leading the industry, thus information professionals in the drivers seat.

Finally, the committee believes this theme lends itself well to programming around a number of areas for the Indianapolis conference. We can bring in quality, and diversity, as well as the Internet and the information superhighway, without having to mention any of these words directly. They can all be covered under this one racing theme.

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