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by Susannah Tredwell, Bulletin Editor

Welcome to volume 5, no. 1 of Wired West, the theme of which is "flexibility". The theme reflects one of the SLA's core competencies, that the special librarian "is flexible and positive in a time of continuing change".

In her article, Shelley Tegart discusses the basics of setting up a special library from scratch, an integral part of which is adjusting to a new culture and learning about a new industry or subject area. Michelle Mallette, a second-year student from SLAIS, talks about learning to cope when thrown in the deep end at a special library. Gordon Coleman has updated the career page, which now includes sites of interest to librarians moving away from traditional career patterns. Also in this issue are articles by Karol Sinats on the Knowledge Champions Institute, by Barb Holder, highlighting the work of the Virtual Programs Committee, and by Tracey Carmichael on mentoring.

I hope you enjoy this issue; please send any comments, ideas, and suggestions to me at susannah.tredwell@amec.com.


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