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Chapter & SLA News

By Lynne Foster, Communications Director

The tragic events of September 11, 2001 will have a lasting impact on every aspect of our lives and I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my deepest sympathy to the families and friends of the victims. While we will never be able to forget what has happened we can focus on the future and look at positive contributions we can make as information professionals during the aftermath of this tragedy.

We have seen how confusion, uncertainty and lack of information can compound a negative situation. Therefore, I encourage you to review the material posted about disaster-recovery and business continuity by Gartner Group in an effort to help organizations make decisions in the wake of recent tragic events. As well have a look at SLA's September 11 Disaster Help & Information Exchange.

As always I welcome suggestions and feedback about our site and would be happy to hear from anyone about new content ideas. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Chapter News

I encourage everyone to take a look at the new Employment Page. Gordon Coleman, the current Employment Chair, has done an excellent job compiling a variety of information on sources for job ads as well as advice for job seekers. Notably, Gordon suggests job seekers get involved in associations and "appear at a few meetings, make it known that you're a job seeker, and within a surprisingly short time you may discover that someone at the meeting just happens to have a project for you to take on".

Minutes from the July Board meeting are now available. Be informed and share your opinions and suggestions with the SLA WCC Board.

The 2001 Professional Development plans kicked off in three cities (Edmonton, Saskatoon and Vancouver) on September 26th with a SLA Virtual Seminar Presentation: "Tending The Gardens Of Knowledge: An Inside Look At Communities Of Practice". Don't forget to check regularly for new registration details and event synopsis for the rest of the year on the Professional Development page. If you have attended an event or session and wish to submit your opinion or a summary of the event please send me an email.

Upcoming Events & Conferences

Also, be sure to monitor the following:

Event & Conference Summaries

Were you unable to attend the conference in San Antonio? You can still see part of what you missed by visiting the Presentation Slides page as well as the other links below:

SLA News Releases & Announcements

The Special Libraries Association (SLA) is encouraging information professionals to participate in its 2002 International Special Librarians Day (ISLD) Theme Contest. All theme ideas must be submitted by October 19, 2001.

Recent 2001 News Releases include:

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