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Full Text Chapter Search

The full text search searches all the words found on the page. Boolean searches (connected by ANDs and ORs) can be used here with good results. Partial matches will not be returned unless you include the wild card symbol *. Results are returned with the closest matches at the top of the list.

Search for lib returns:
  • Only pages with lib standing alone as its own word in the page
Search for lib* returns:
  • All pages with library in the page.
  • All pages with libraries in the page.
  • All pages with liberty in the page.
  • All pages with interlibrary in the page.
  • etc
Search for library and policy returns:
  • All pages with both the word library and the word policy present.
Search for "library and policy" returns:
  • All pages with the phrase "library and policy" (in that order, with the word "and" literally between them).

TIP: If you plan on making multiple searches, you might wish to make a bookmark for this page.

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