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SLA WCC Outstanding Information Professional Award

Your SLA Western Canada Chapter friends and colleagues can now be recognized through the SLA WCC Outstanding Information Professional Award. The award will recognize and honour a member of the WCC who has made a significant contribution to the profession. Any member who has made a contribution worthy of acknowledgement can be nominated for the award.

Why should I join SLA Western Canada Chapter (SLA WCC)?

Membership in SLA provides excellent opportunities to network with other information specialists in your community and in your field. And that's just the beginning! Making new contacts is an integral part of building a resource base. Read the membership brochure for more.

How do I join SLA WCC?

Complete a membership application form and send it, along with payment, to SLA headquarters in the U.S. Remember to select CWCN as your Chapter. CWCN is the code for SLA Western Canada Chapter.

Are there any other benefits?

The benefits you accrue depend on the depth of your involvement in activities. See our Member Benefits Package for a more comprehensive checklist including:

WCC Skills database - if you are consultant or have skills you wish to share, submit your information to the Communications Director

WCC Resources -selected SLA Salary Survey tables, books and videos

Professional Development - events in your area, as well as the SLA Annual conference

Wired West: Web journal of the SLA Western Canada Chapter - hone your writing skills, share experiences and concerns with your peers

What are the benefits for my organisation?

Your organisation will benefit from your continuing education opportunities, access to a global network, and commitment to professionalism.

SLA HQ has some documents which help define Special Librarians, list Top Ten Great Reasons to Use A Special Library, and outline Competencies for Special Librarian's in the 21st Century.

Does SLA WCC have a focus?

SLA WCC reviews our Strategic Plan annually. The plan outlines our mission statement, goals, and objectives. Our Mission Statement:

  • To be a community of information professionals promoting our roles and skills as prime knowledge managers.

How do I know if SLA WCC is my Chapter?

SLA WCC covers the following geographic areas: British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut. We also have, and welcome, virtual members from around the world. WCC currently has over 260 members.

How much does it cost to join SLA WCC?

See the online SLA Membership Application for fee schedule.

How can I update my member information?

Enter the Member only section of the SLA web site and update your own record (preferred method).

See also the SLA FAQ Page.

If you cannot access forms via the web, phone SLA headquarters at (202) 234-4700.

Who may I contact locally?

Any of the SLA WCC Board are happy to assist you.

You can also contact the current Membership Chair for the SLA Western Canada Chapter. The Membership Chair maintains the chapter membership records, encourages the recruitment of new members, welcomes new members by phone calls and with an information package, and introduces new members at events.

If you have any questions about joining SLA, please contact the Membership Chair.

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