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SLA WCC Discussion List

Welcome to the SLA Western Canada Chapter Discussion List!

The SLA-CWCN discussion list is the unmoderated discussion group of the Special Libraries Association Western Canada Chapter. The mission of this list is to provide a forum for discussion and communication among SLA Western Canada Chapter members including discussion of the articles published in Wired West: Web Journal of the SLA Western Canada Chapter.

As of October 9, 2006, the SLA WCC discussion list is members only. All SLA members are welcome to subscribe. The discussion list chair will verify membership status through the SLA directory before approving all subscription requests.

To join the SLA WCC discussion list

Send an e-mail message as outlined below:


Subject: (leave blank)

Body: subscribe sla-cwcn firstname lastname

To send a message to the SLA WCC discussion list

Send your messages by e-mail to the list address:

Clearly identify the topic of your message in the subject line and repeat your e-mail address at the end of your message (if you don't have a signature file).

To leave the SLA WCC discussion list

Send the following:


Subject: (leave blank)

Body: unsubscribe sla-cwcn

Changing email addreses

If you change your e-mail address, please unsubscribe with your old e-mail address and resubscribe with your new e-mail address

Other options

How to amend your personal settings (to receive a digest of messages once
per day or to suspend reception of list messages):
  • Go to
  • Enter the e-mail address you use for the list and click 'OK'
  • Once logged in, click the button 'My Account' in the left navigation bar
  • Under the drop down menu 'Membership Type' select 'Digest: One daily email with all the messages for that day' or 'No email: Receive no email from this list'
  • Select the 'Save Changes' button
How to sign in to read messages from the list over the web:
  • Go to
  • Enter the e-mail address you use for the list and click 'OK'
  • Once logged in, click the button 'My Forums' in the left navigation bar
  • Select the Forum Name 'sla-cwcn'

Discussion list guidelines

  • Discussion list should be used for legitimate business purposes of the SLA Western Canada Chapter
  • Copyrighted materials should not be posted on the discussion list without the permission of the copyright holder(s)
  • Don't flame (criticize another member of the list) on the discussion list. You should not send or respond to a "flaming" message
  • Refrain from sending large files to the discussion list. Large files consume system resources and may cause your message to be undeliverable.
  • Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in removal from the list


The Western Canada Chapter SLA-CWCN electronic discussion list is provided by SLA as a service to its members. SLA assumes no responsibility for the statements and opinions discussed on this list.

Who to contact if you have any questions

SLA WCC Discussion List Chair or SLA WCC Communications Director