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Call for Proposals :

Content Management - Converging Information, People and Technology

The Call for Proposals is now closed

Content management (CM) has, in recent years, moved from the back room of the web designer onto the desk of almost every information professional who has responsibility for getting their organisation's content out to a suitable audience. CM professionals have helped to articulate the process and develop the systems to manage it. Many librarians, on the other hand, are meeting CM for the first time, even if they recognise elements of it in their existing skill sets.  

Target Audience:

The primary objective of the conference is to bring together SLA members and others with a professional or academic interest in content management and related disciplines. The conference will focus on developing content management skills for attendees of all knowledge levels, from novice to advanced, and demonstrating the added value of content management.


We welcome presentations on the use of CM in and outside of library settings and from introductory to advanced levels. We expect some time for questions and answers, although we are open to suggestions of other formats (workshops, panel discussions, etc.) that might run for longer or shorter periods.


We welcome presentations on, for example:


  • fundamentals of CM
  • CM systems
  • best practices
  • metadata
  • case studies
  • taxonomies and thesauri
  • CM jobs in special libraries
  • information architecture
  • CM challenges

Speakers should bear in mind that their audience may encompass a range of knowledge and experience of both CM and information skills.

Submission guidelines:

Please see Submission page for guidelines and evaluation criteria. Complete the submission form and send as an attachment to: Questions may be addressed to

Deadline for submissions is April 18, 2006.




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