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There is a recognized need to foster better understanding of the Librarian profession, especially as it impacts those who may face solo positions within the corporate world.  Unlike our colleagues working in public service or academic environments, librarians in a corporate setting are often seen as more clerical in nature than the true professional knowledge management specialist they truly are. Thus we find ourselves looking ourside our workplace for the professional, critical, emotional and social support network necessary to maintain our self esteem.
Whether a person is newly hired or fresh from a profession educational experience, there are times when guidance from another more experienced individual who may have walked a similar path in the past is beneficial.  A mentor can fill this gap — advising, encouraging, and providing insight into libraries in the corporate world, whether it be a in traditional business library, a specialized medical, legal, sci /tech, film, or media library or in archives or museum libraries.
The goal of our program is to:
1. To provide focused mentoring events, by linking two individuals, one with a need for experienced advice in a specific career or interest field, and another with experience in the career or interest area.
2. Offer a long or short term mentoring experience.  A short-term experience might include introducing someone to others within a meeting, seminar or other special event.  A long-term relationship may be best defined as one, which is open ended, lasting as long as the perceived need for support and comradeship is desired.  This is a mutually achieved relationship.
Participant Eligibility
Persons seeking a Mentor or Mentee should be:
A library school student with an interest in the world of special libraries OR
  A person working in the field in a technical position, who is interested in becoming a professional
While not required, SLA membership is encouraged
Persons seeking to be Mentors should be:
1. A professional librarian, working in a corporate setting
2. A Member of SLA
3. A willingness to share experiences and provide counsel in a non-threatening, confidential and cordial relationship
4. A desire to learn
Download the form, fill it out and submit your applications to:
  Stephan Tibbetts
Choose the file format that works best for you.
Mentor Application
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Mentee Application
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