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Subscribing to the Discussion List
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  If you are not an SLA member
  Subscription to the Discussion list is generally limited to SLA members. Drop a note to the list manager at including your name and the e-mail address(es) you wish to use to subscribe to the list. Your request will be considered by the Chapter Board.
  If you are an SLA member
Go to
Log into the Members Only area, using your UserID and password.
Click the "Access SLA Lists" link.
When that screen opens, enter your e-mail address and password. If you do not use a password, leave that space blank.
Click the login button to proceed. A page with the lists you currently subscribe to will appear.
Click "Change your settings" button at the bottom of the page. A new page loads with all the discussion lists you could subscribe to. Note: The lists are not in alphabetical order. Chapter lists appear first, then all the division lists, etc.
Scroll down to our list, "Southern California Chapter." In the dropdown to the right of the name, specifiy a frequency for receiving emails. Most people will use the 'New Items' option.
Follow this same procedure for any other lists you would like to subscribe to.
Scroll to the bottom of the page. Review your personal settings and make any desired changes. Click "Update Settings Now" to submit your changes.
Once the next page loads successfully, you are subscribed to the list. If interested, click the "Begin Reading sla-csca" link to see older posts to the list.
  Don't forget to log out of the SLA Members Only section.
  If there are questions or problems, please send an e-mail to the list manager at or call (714) 830-5819.

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