SLA/SCC Summer Board Meeting September 25, 2000 6:00 - 8:00 PM


Advanced Information Management
900 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1424
Los Angeles, CA

Agenda   Action Items

6:00 - 6:10 Approval of the minutes Debbie Hartzman for T. Bailey 6:10 - 6:50 Treasurer's Report/Vote on Budget Elaine Adams 6:50 - 7:00 Schedule Board Meetings for Remainder All of the Year

Old Business

7:00 - 7:10 Programs Report Kathleen Smith
7:10 - 7:40 Reorganization Summary, Discussion Debbie Hartzman
7:40 - 7:45 2002 Planning Committee Update Doris Helfer

New Business

7:45 - 7:50 SWRC Funds Distribution Debbie Hartzman
7:50 - 7:55 Fundraising Update Jay Springer
7:55-8:00 Wrap up/Next Meeting Date Debbie Hartzman

SWRC Funds Distribution

Dear Chapter President, The second SLA Southwest Regional Conference while it drew fewer attendees than hoped was a financial success. After the first conference, we had a balance of $6,724 after returning to the five chapters involved their initial investment, plus $3,000 each. We invested this (plus early deposits by chapters) in a CD which yielded $1,180 interest. Each of the seven chapters contributed $500. Thus we can say we began with a "start-up" pool of $11,404. We had income of $55,157 and expenses of $43,110, so the net income for the conference was $12,047. Adding to that the "start-up" pool of $11,404, our balance July 1, 2000, was $23,551. No official decision has been taken by anyone about holding a third conference or about distributing funds now in the SWRC bank account. As Treasurer, I would like to see some distribution of funds made. I propose we distribute to the seven participating chapters in SWRC II $2,500 each, that is, a return of their $500 deposit plus $2,000. a total of $17,500. This would leave a balance of just about $6,000. As soon as the chapters decide whether to have another conference, we can either distribute the remainder or invest a substantial part of it until about six months before the date for the next conference, when funds begin to be needed. I need to hear from you about your chapter s wishes regarding distribution of the funds. At some time, the chapters need to decide whether to hold a third conference. I believe we were lucky to have come out ahead on both these conferences. While regional conferences are often successful because people like to attend functions close to home, they require an inordinate amount of work BY EVERY CHAPTER to make them successful. We had in both instances at least one extremely active chapter which made the conferences successful programmatically. But the San Diego conference could have served many more of our members if we had had adequate cooperation from all the chapters. I realize that, as Treasurer rather than a more senior leader, I may be overstepping my bounds in asserting this point. I personally believe it to be true. Therefore, I urge you to decide about distribution now and to consider seriously, including making a commitment to form a committee and work assiduously, whether to take part in a third conference. Thanks for your input.

JoAn S. Segal

Treasurer, 2nd Southwest Regional Conference, SLA
JoAn S. Segal
4251 Amber Street Boulder, CO 


Committee Reports:

Advertising Rates
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Daniel Hanne

Our rates are as follows:

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Ann Coppin Library of California/Arroyo Seco Library Network Update Library of California

The Library of California Board (LoCB) met August 16th -18th in Irvine. Mainly the Board heard reports from the State Library Staff. These reports, without exhibits or appendices, are available at The summary of the actions taken at the Board meeting is available at Actions taken included approving the development of a Budget Change Proposal for up to $23 million for additional fiscal year 2001/02 LoC funds beyond the basic annual $5 million. This includes full funding of regional library networks. However, it is uncertain if the $23 million will be in the final State budget for 2001/2002.

The Gold Coast (Planning Region 7 - Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties), Golden Gateway (Planning Region 2 - the San Francisco Bay area), and Cascade Pacific (Planning Region 1 - northern California) Library Network applications were approved. The map showing the boundaries of the seven planning regions/regional library networks is available at Fifty-nine institutions representing 142 participating libraries were approved as charter members in the three regional library networks. As expected, funding of regional library networks is postponed to the November LoCB meeting when all regional plans of service can be considered.

In June the LoCB requested information about service priorities for both regional and statewide services. A survey was sent out in July to regional and CLSA contacts, and 109 multitype libraries responded. There was not a clear preference for statewide or regional services. Delivery services and negotiating database contracts are high priorities either at the statewide or regional levels.

The Library of California Board (LoCB) spent August 17 in a planning session. The resulting vision statement and three year goals for the period 2000-2003 were approved by the Board on August 18th. The strategic plan, including the first six months strategic objectives, is available at Objectives of interest target the November LoCB meeting for deciding upon a compensation model for the Regional Library Networks, allocating 2000-2001 funds to implement programs and services, and aiming to have for consideration at the February 2001 LoCB meeting a compensation model for all programs included in the proposed funding for 2001-2002.

...Arroyo Seco Library Network

The Arroyo Seco Library Network Core Planning Group continues to meet periodically. The development of the application for recognition as the regional library network is on track. The service activities listed in the May version of the Long Range Plan for ASLN are guiding the budget planning for the first six months and then for the 2001/2002 year. For planning purposes, funding is assumed to be available for establishing an office location and a minimum of four paid positions (CEO/executive director, program director, CFO/financial analyst, and secretary. Developing detailed policies and procedures is the emphasis during the first six months. While the network application will be sent to the Library of California Board in September, the deadline for institutions submitting application for Charter membership has been extended to October 2, 2000.

Ann Coppin
South State Cooperative Library System,
(323) 583-1292,  

Web Site: Robert Powers, Webmaster

The Chapter's website has been moved to the SLA web server, from its previous home on The site is now located at Please be sure to update your bookmarks.

I want to thank Ray Hewitt for his previous six years of work as Webmaster. I'm looking forward to working on the Chapter's web site. In the next few weeks, I will be rearranging the "virtual furniture" on the web site, and I would encourage anyone who has any comments on the web site, to please send them to me at

Robert A. Powers
Technical Librarian
Jet Propulsion Lab
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