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Hurricane Response Resources:


- Be sure to read the articles in the October 2005 issue of Information Outlook featuring the library community's response to the storms including "First Hand Thoughts on the Storm", by our chapter President, Lisl Zach. (Member login required to view articles.)


- SLA's Information Professionals' Alliance on Natural Disasters and Accidents blog: http://slablogger.typepad.com/ipandanet 


- For our members affected by Hurricane Katrina - a message from LaSoMi President, Lisl Zach:

Dear Colleague,

  I write to you today not only in my capacity as president of the Louisiana/Southern Mississippi chapter, but also as someone affected by the phenomenal tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. The devastation we are experiencing is overwhelming, and the coming weeks and months will continue to be difficult. Slowly but surely, however, we will begin to recover and to rebuild.

  In the meantime, all of your friends in the Special Libraries Association community want to know that you are safe. When you reach a point where you can, please contact me to confirm your safety and that of your family and let me know how we can reach you. Also, please let us know of any emergency needs you have, with which we might be able to assist. Many, many of your friends and colleagues around the world very much want to help you towards recovery.

  We have already received offers from your fellow SLA members who are willing to provide transportation out of the affected region. There are also offers to provide food and lodging. These offers are being posted on a special Weblog set up by SLA . You can reach it at http://slablogger.typepad.com/ipandanet. There, you can also share your experiences and read what others have to say.  When you’re ready, the kind of sharing facilitated by this new technology can be cathartic, and you will find that people around the world will use technology like this to reach out to you and offer their supportive thoughts and prayers. While original posts must be sent to ipanda@sla.org, you can add to existing posts very easily by clicking on the “Comment” link at the end of each post.

  I’ll be in touch with you in the coming weeks to see if there is anything more that SLA can do beyond responding to your immediate need for health and safety. For now, please know that all of your colleagues in Louisiana, southern Mississippi, across our nation, and, indeed, around the world are thinking about you and praying for you, your families and friends, and all of those dealt a blow by this terrible catastrophe.

  With warmest regards,

  Lisl Zach

President, SLA LaSoMi Chapter
Assistant Professor
School of Library & Information Science
Louisiana State University


(225) 578-1486

(written September 2, 2005; posted September 6, 2005)



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