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Joint Spring Conference Proceedings
Become the Library They Need: Understanding User Expectations
April 11-13, 2012
Conference Brochure

Opening Session: Thursday, April 12

Becoming the Library They Need: Anticipating User Expectations
Janice Lachance, CEO of the Special Libraries Association

Concurrent Session II: Thursday, April 12

User Expectations and Library Genealogy Databases Versus What They Actually Get
Katherine Pennavaria and Rosemary Meszaros, Western Kentucky University

Not Just Numbers: Improving the User's Chat Reference Experience and Chat Reference Services Through Qualitative Analysis of IM Statistics
Heather Beirne, Emily Aldridge, and Amy Salyer, Eastern Kentucky University

Concurrent Sessions III: Thursday, April 12

Student Training for Excellent Customer Service
Stephen Leist, Transylvania University and Terri Brown, University of Kentucky

Why Your Library Needs a Social Media Policy
Heidi Wineland, Kentucky Christian University

Concurrent Sessions IV: Friday, April 13

I'll Take You There! QR Codes and Assessment in a University 101 Program
Andrea Brooks and Ellie Jones, Northern Kentucky University

Closing Session: Friday, April 13

The New Academic Library Building: You Can't Get What You Want (Til You Know What You Want)
Catherine Lavallee-Welch, University of South Florida Polytechnic University Library

Poster Sessions

The Laptop Has Left the Building: Serving Your Students with 24-Hour Laptop Checkouts
Mark L. Shores, Miami University

The Power of Story: Insights Into Students' Experience with and Expectations of Academic Research
Anna Marie Johnson, University of Louisville

Resourceful Information Technology Management
Laurie Henry, Lincoln College of Technology

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