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Joint Spring Conference Proceedings
Kickin' It Up A Notch: Improving Our Professional Image
April 13-15, 2011
Conference Brochure

Opening Session: Thursday, April 14

Kickin' it Up a Notch: Librarians, Hollywood, and Our Professional Image
Ruth Kneale, National Solar Observatory

Concurrent Sessions I: Thursday, April 14

The Whole Buffalo: Improving Our Professional Image with Limited Resources
Amanda Peach, Benjamin Rawlins, and Debbra Tate, Kentucky State University

Enhance Your Chances: How to Shine Brightly in a Tough Job Market
Mark Shores, Miami University Hamilton and April Ritchie, Kenton County Public Library

Concurrent Session II: Thursday, April 14

First Impressions as Lasting Impressions: How Traditional Freshmen Perceive Reference Desk Workers
Ashley Ireland and Jeff Henry, Murray State University

Concurrent Sessions III: Thursday, April 14

Telling Your Special Library Story: What the Administration and Co-Workers Need to Hear
Donna Slaton, Green River Correctional Complex

A Reference Redo: What Happens When Reference Isn't Reference Anymore?
Jackie Young and Janice Poston, Spalding University

Concurrent Sessions IV: Friday, April 15

"But You're Not REAL Faculty!": The Issue of Librarian Image on the College Campus
Jennifer Bartlett, University of Kentucky

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