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CO-SLA Member Publications

Mary Lou Baker Jones

Low tech works too: Low-tech tools help science students collaborate in the library (Size: 488 KB). Poster session presented at the SLA Annual Conference, Seattle, WA, 2008.

Librarian-faculty team teaching: Three approaches to subject-specific information literacy instruction (Size: 156 KB). Panel presentation at LOEX 2005, Louisville, KY. May 12-14, 2005.

Recruiting entry-level sci-tech librarians: An analysis of job advertisements and outcome of searches (Size: 300 KB). Sci Tech News, May 2002 pp. 12-15.

Carol Knoblauch

Two dot oh no! When library 2.0 meets enterprise 2.0 (Size: 2.8 MB). Paper presented at the SLA Annual Conference, Seattle, WA. June 17, 2008.

Larry Olszewski

An international comparison of virtual reference services. (coauthor) Reference & User Services Quarterly 49(4). 2010 Summer.

Spain: Libraries, archives, and museums. Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science. (3rd ed., Vol. 7, pp. 4928-4947). CRC Press, 2010.

OCLC in Latin America and the Caribbean: A chronology. Journal of Library Administration, 49(6), 613-620, 2009.

Los catálogos en línea: lo que quieren los bibliotecarios y los usuarios. V Encuentro Internacional de Catalogadores, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, October 28, 2009.

Information-seeking patterns in the arts and humanities: An international approach (Size: 71.6 MB). 7th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Arts & Humanities. Honolulu, HI, January 10, 2009, pp. 1781-1791.

Un estudio comparativo internacional de referencia virtual. (co-author) Coloquio Administración y Liderazgo en el Campo Informativo (ALCI). Boca del Río, Veracruz, Mexico, September 22, 2008. (Size: 1.3 MB) (Spanish) (Size: 156 KB) (English)

Are librarians missing a continuing education opportunity? An international comparison of virtual reference services (Size: 340 KB). (co-author) World Library and Information Congress: 73rd IFLA General Conference and Council. Durban, South Africa, August, 2007.

Small and rural libraries (HTML). (co-author) Discussion paper submitted to the OCLC Members Council Small and Rural Libraries Discussion Group. May, 2007.

What is enough? Satisficing information needs (Size: 180 KB). (co-author) Journal of Documentation. 63(1): 74-89, 2007.

A geographical representation of WorldCat resources: A decision-making tool for acquisitions and collection management (Size: 1.1 MB). (co-author) XXVI Annual Charleston Conference. Charleston, SC, November 10, 2006.

Virtual windows: Observing chat reference encounters through transcript analysis (Size: 464 KB). (co-author) IAPS Annual Conference Proceedings. Cairo, Egypt, September 2006.

Index to the OCLC Newsletter (HTML) (2006) (co-compiler).

Geographical representation of library collections in WorldCat: A prototype (HTML). (co-author) Poster session presented at the ASIS&T Annual Conference, Charlotte, NC, November 2005.

What in the world: Leveraging corporate assets for internal and external use (Size: 28 KB). SLA Annual Conference. Toronto, Ontario, June 5-8, 2005.

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