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New for June 2000:

1.  GLIC goes to Philadelphia!

2.  Mary Ellen speaks!

3.  News News and More News!

4.  Your input needed!


GLIC goes to Philadelphia!

        The City of Brotherly Love is host to this year's SLA annual conference.  Thousands of special librarians from around the country will be descending on the home of the cheese steak for a week of learning, networking, sharing, and fun.  GLIC will be there and we have several activities scheduled!  Will you be attending our Caucus meeting?  How about our Caucus dinner?  Did you know that the Philadelphia PRIDE celebration is Sunday?  Check out our web site for more information!

Mary Ellen Speaks!

        GLIC's own Mary Ellen Bates will be giving a presentation on business searching online at this year's conference.  One of our Caucus' co-conveners, Mary Ellen has released a wonderful new book "Secrets of Super Business Searchers" and she will be highlighting many of its research tips and tricks.  Don't miss out on her presentation.  She will be speaking Monday, June 12 at 10:30 AM.

News News and More News!

        One of the goals of GLIC's new web site is to keep Caucus members informed.  To this end, your webmaster is not only going to add Caucus and professional news as it becomes available, but is going to include sources for national and world glbt news.  For starters, check out the new news ticker powered by the folks at Gaywire!

Your Input is Needed!

        The new GLIC Web site is YOUR site!  What would you like to see on it?  For this site to be successful we need to hear from our members.  Please send announcements, useful links, job postings, articles of interest, and even member news.  Of course, your suggestions and complaints are always welcome!  Help us to improve our home on the Web!  Let's make this the premier site for gay and lesbian information professionals!  Send all submissions to John DiGilio at


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