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November 2001:
1. A few words from our Co-Conveners

2. Who are these guys?  Meet Robert and John!
3. San Antonio Recap
4. California Here We Come!
5. Cyberspace & You: Perfect Together!



1.  A Few Words from Our Co-Conveners:


Welcome to a new year!  As of last June's annual conference, we are your new co-conveners.  We have some pretty big shoes to fill and cannot thank Mary Ellen Bates and Howard Fuller enough for their years of service and leadership.  For those of you who could not attend the caucus meeting, let us just say that transfer of power was a sight that many of us will not soon forget.  Rest assured, Mary Ellen and Howard, we will wear our tiaras with dignity and pride!


The 2001-2002 year promises to be a good one for our caucus.  We are relaunching this newsletter and the caucus Web site.  We hope to involve as many of you as possible.  This is, after all, your caucus.  We are also gearing up for the 2002 conference in Los Angeles.  The setting alone should provide us with some interesting diversions!  We hope that many of you will be able to join us for the annual caucus meeting and dinner outing.


Finally, we would both like to extend our prayers and condolences to any caucus members, their families and friends who may have been affected by the tragedy of September 11.  That day has provided many of us with images that may very well never leave our conscience.  In the wake of this tragedy, our nation has an incredible opportunity to come together to end divisiveness, to heal and to seek justice.  There is strength in our American diversity.  It will always be our hope that this great nation of ours can find and bolster that strength.


If there is anything we can do for you or which you feel we can do to make this caucus better.  Do not hesitate to share your thoughts and concerns.  That is why we're here.  That is why we look forward to working with you all in the year ahead.


Best Wishes,


John DiGilio

Robert Hulshof


2.  Just Who Are These Guys?  Meet Robert & John!


As many of you know from last June's annual meeting, GLIC has new co-conveners.  But just who are these guys?  Robert Hulshof is a small-town-boy-turned-urbanite with a passion for off-beat pop music.  John DiGilio is a die-hard “Pittsburgher” with a love for Andy Capp comics and a real spiritual side.  Read up on your new leaders in GLICinfo at


3.  San Antonio Recap


The installation of new co-conveners was not the only thing that went on our annual caucus meeting last June!  We also discussed the Diversity Leadership Development Committee, issues involving SLA listservers, student outreach, and the fact that our caucus was featured in the April 2001 issue of Information Outlook.  Read up on the annual meeting in GLICnews.


4.  California Here We Come!


Next year's annual SLA conference is to be held in sunny Los Angeles.  Home to ocean breezes, warm afternoons and sun-drenched beaches, the City of Angels is soon to be overrun by special librarians and GLIC is going to be there!  Plans are already in the works for the annual caucus meeting and dinner event.  Perhaps we can pull off a few surprises this year.  After all, they say the magic of Los Angeles is not just reserved

for the movies!  Keep up on what's going down in GLICnews.


5.      Cyberspace & You: Perfect Together!


The GLIC Website if for US and By US . . . so why not make it about US too???  Do you have any news you would like to share?  New jobs, promotions, publications, whatever!  Let us know and we will put your name up in lights (Computer monitors do cast light you know!)!  Also feel free to share any thoughts, suggestions, complaints or questions with us!  E-mail:


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