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Meeting of the Gay and Lesbian Issues Caucus of the Special Libraries Association

June 1997   -   Seattle

by Roger Strouse

The Gay and Lesbian Issues Caucus (GLIC) held a combined business meeting and program attended by 30 people. The program portion consisted of an excellent slide presentation by two representatives of the Northwest Lesbian and Gay History Museum Project. The Museum Project is " organization which researches, interprets and communicates the history of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people in the Pacific Northwest for the purposes of study, education, and enjoyment." Caucus attendees were fascinated not only by the subject matter, but also by the process and challenges of starting and maintaining such an ambitious archive project solely with volunteers. Thanks to John Alita and Rowan Fairgrove for arranging this program.

The business meeting portion went smoothly. Co-conveners for the next two conferences are Roger Strouse (roger. and Gene Danilenko ( Rowan Fairgrove will continue to manage the caucus' Web site ( Gene is looking into the creation of a caucus listserv, which would be hosted by SLA. It was decided by meeting attendees that next year's meeting will be directly followed by an open reception or party of some sort. Caucus co-conveners will plan this event.

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