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Meeting of the Gay and Lesbian Issues Caucus of the Special Libraries Association

Monday, June 12, 2000   -   Philadelphia


Attendance: 45

Beer, wine, and soft drinks were offered.

Our conveners were both unable to attend the business meeting in Philadelphia. Mary Ellen Bates had a prior speaking engagement at the conference, and Howard Fuller was called out of the country on family business. The meeting was run by substitute convener Roger Strouse. Caucus meeting attendees were having such a great time chatting and socializing that it was no easy task to get the meeting started.

It was the Caucus' 5-year anniversary, and David Bender sent us a congratulatory note.

John DiGilio is now the Caucus Web master, and he was introduced and spoke to the group for a few minutes on communication issues. The new Caucus Web site was discussed, as well as the new Caucus logo.

The Caucus also has a new listserv manager, Buzz Haughton.

Rod MacNeil, a Philly resident, spoke briefly about the Caucus social outing plans, particularly the details of our Tuesday evening dinner. Rod was thanked for acting as the Caucus' local expert and host.

Rainbow stickers were distributed.

The GLIC mentoring program was introduced. Forms for both mentors and mentees will be available at the Caucus Web site. There are some SLA guidelines on mentoring programs, which the Caucus program will follow. The Caucus is seeking a volunteer to coordinate this activity, so please contact Howard Fuller if you're interested.

Visibility moment: An interview with Didi Pancake and Caucus stalwart Richard Hulser will be published this summer in "Information Outlook." The focus of the article will be the genesis of the caucus concept within SLA and the reasons for starting the GLIC.

Richard Hulser presented an idea for GLIC programming at next year's SLA conference. Richard is familiar with a couple of authors of gay-themed books, and the Caucus was strongly in favor of inviting a book author to present at next year's conference. Richard and other Caucus members will seek co-sponsorship from a Division for such a presentation.

(On a personal note, Richard is also a candidate for SLA President--Good luck, Richard!)

The meeting ended with a lively meet & greet.

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