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GLBTICevents in Los Angeles!

  • Our Annual Business Meeting:  Join us as we discuss the state of the caucus and the SLA issues that affect us.  Meet your fellow GLIC members as we share some wine and fellowship!  Tuesday, June 11 @ 4:30 PM!!!!


  • Our Annual Night OUT:  Dinner plans are in the works!  Each year we meet after our annual business meeting for food and fun at a local eatery.  This year, with so many places from which to choose, we are in the process of picking a good one!  See you there!  Tuesday, June 11 @ 6:30 PM!!!!


  • One Institute Tour:  For those attending the SLA annual conference in Los Angeles, we have a great opportunity to have a special visit and tour of the One Institute Gay and Lesbian Archives. This is through a special arrangement with Lynn Sipe, President of the board of the Institute, especially since the archive is normally not open on a Monday evening. In addition to being an interesting site for us, and relatively convenient in location, keep in mind that as a follow-on, SLA will be in NYC next year and could perhaps have a tour of the newly refurbished building for The Center, which has a new library within the building as well.

    The One Institute is located at 909 West Adams Blvd, a short cab ride or drive away from the downtown hotels. In addition to the extensive book collection and special collections areas, there are exhibit areas and galleries with some fascinating items. You can see more information at:

    Please send a note to within the next few days if you can attend so he can get a count of how many people are planning to be there. Hope to see you all there on
    Monday, June 10 from 4:30-6:00PM!!!



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