Student Leaders

The student group is currently led by two leaders. These leaders are responsible for a different set of administrative duties, but all leaders share in programming, planning activities, and marketing.

See below on ways you can Be Involved too.

2014-2015 Leaders:

Eddy Morrow
MN Chapter Liaison

Lindsay Bartkowicz


Be Involved

There are many ways to be involved in the St. Kate's SLA Student Group. The student leaders are always looking for help with the year's activities and by participating you can meet new people, network, develop skills, learn, and have fun!

Ways YOU can be involved:

  • Communications - write for fliers, the listserv, blog content, and Web site content
  • Event Planning - develop a program on a topic of interest, plan a library tour, locate sponsors or speakers, coordinate with St. Kate's MLIS Monday night events or local libraries for an event site
  • Fundraising - organize or contribute to the annual student SLA conference scholarship fundraising silent auction
  • Procedures - update the student group constitution to keep it current
  • Participate - come to programming events, library tours, and MN SLA chapter events

Contact Us with your ideas and ways you would like to be involved!